Thursday, February 15, 2007


Did you have a great Valentine's Day? Or did it stink like rotten eggs? My best friend used to call it Single Awareness Day, and then she got herself a serious boyfriend. We still hate it. Commercial holidays are ridiculous.

Disclaimer: Not meant to offend anyone who loves St. Valentine's Day or anyone who may make money off products meant to celebrate St. Valentine's Day.

I was in bed by 10:30 pm. Crazy.


Sniderman said...


I could say about 3 different comments, but all would be inappropriate online, or at work.

I'll just laugh at you, Sherwood. How's that.

Shall I address your man with some basics of V-day? Or is his head on trout right now?

Anonymous said...

For those of us that regularly celebrate, the correct term is International Singles' Awareness Day. Or I.S.A.D.

And, personally, I wasn't. Super happy to not have to deal out the cash for the candy. But, I did get a good laugh at the guys feverishly pawing through what was left at the 24-hr walmart supercenter. guffaw.

John said...

I think more than a few of us tried to get away with the, "But, I'm working Valentines Day night, honey," excuse. That never does seem to work.

Anonymous said...

Its NSAD (National Single Awareness Day) and even though i have a serious's still a sucky holiday. good job Michelle...keep spreading the word.


Anonymous said...

maybe it is nsad, but I-sad sounds better. ptooey.