Thursday, May 28, 2009

"The Face"

My sister-in-law's boyfriend (Erika and Mike)
posted some pictures of me on Facebook...
and it just reminded me of this stupid face I make when I start dancing.


It is uncontrollable.
I really don't do it on purpose.
I basically make this face all the time, I've discovered.
The best pic is from my bff Leigh's wedding...
it's at the bottom. Sorry, Leigh.

UNDERSTAND that if I come to your wedding, I WILL make this face.
My apologizes, in advance.


This is the face.

This is the face with an olive in it.

This is the face with my eyes closed.

The face with the booty shake...and Jim doing the "white guy dance"

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I left my heart in...Des Moines?

I would have never guessed that Des Moines was so cool.
I mean NEVER.
When I think of Iowa, I can't think of one thing that stands out.
I think of corn.

However, thanks to my husband's cousin, we went to Des Moines over the holiday weekend.
We went because Tina got married to a wonderful guy named Kent!
In fact, they're enjoying their honeymoon as we speak.

Kent and Tina: great couple!

Anyway, I'll tell you why DM is so cool.

It has a real downtown. We went to the farmers' market on Saturday, and it was awesome! It was HUGE! I would bet it's about four times bigger than the tent-spread at Artsfest. Vendors from all over were there-- fruits and veggies were sold... but what impressed me was the ethnic food choices. Indian food at 9 a.m.? What about Hmong eggrolls? I bought about a pound and a half of morel mushrooms. Pretty impressive.

It seemed clean. Maybe I wasn't watching closely enough, but it certainly felt clean.

Anyway, there are probably more reasons, but honestly, we were there for the wedding... so we were devoted to that. What a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I killed a bunny

This is what I got when I googled "bunny roadkill"--
and this is actually what it looked like.

So, I left work... on my scooter...

I saw a little tiny thing scoot across the road near St. Louis and Weller. If I had to guess, it looked like the size of a tennis ball. I thought, "Hey, that looks like a little, baby rabbit!"

Next, I see a fairly larger rabbit.


I practically flip over my handlebars. I decide to keep going, but then about a block later, I decide... I have to turn back. What happened? Did I really just hit what I thought I hit? Perhaps the bigger bunny escaped with just a banged up leg.

I turn around.

I see something in the road. Perhaps it's trash.


It's my bunny. And it's twitching. It's little eyes are wide open. It won't blink. It just lays there and twitches. I think... "Maybe, I should pick it up and put it out of its misery." But with what? My scooter?!

I drove home at a snail's pace. I tell Jim, and he proceeds to tell me that it's the bunny's fault for running out into the road. I respond with a, "So, the bunny should just die because it ran out in front of me? This is serious!" He says he's glad I didn't swerve and wreck. Point taken, but I'm still grieving...

I don't think I can stand to see the bunny there on my way to work tomorrow, and I'm not even sure I can drive the scooter for a while. I was just telling my co-workers that I can drive the scooter really well! And an hour afterwards, I'm a bunny-killer.

I have hit things before (chickens, birds, a cat, one dog, and one deer...) but that was in an automobile. I mean, OMG, I killed something with my scooter!!!!!! Do you know what that feels like? The bump alone is too intense. I'm surprised I didn't propel off my scooter.

This is a major tragedy. I think I killed a mama bunny.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day and Giardia

Horrible combo in the title, but I wanted to tell my mommy Happy Mother's Day!

Moving on... my daughter has giardia. What's that? Oh, it's a bacterial thing that causes you to poop like a fountain. Or better yet, explosive diarrhea. Ek!

We went to the vet, and she told us that it's a waterborne thing. She sometimes likes to drink puddle water, so I think that's the answer. Good times, good times.

Funny thing is, as much as she likes water, Minnie freaked out when we took her to Busiek Park last night. We met a couple of our friends (and their dogs) last night, and Minnie looked like a big baby. She would barely go in the water!

With my best Mommy Dearest face, I told Minnie she embarassed me. Shaming her didn't work, either.

Monday, May 04, 2009


I'm going to get braces. I am so excited!

I always wanted braces, but my parents said no. Now that my teeth have shifted again (and Jim can pay my bills--joke), it's going to happen.

Jim and I have a lot of jokes about the whole thing... but I'm so happy he's supportive.

Oh, I'm not technically getting a metal mouth. I'm using invisalign, so no one will be able to tell. I'll have my teeth fixed in a year!