Monday, November 30, 2009

Out of Control Mizzou/KU Fans


Jim and I scheduled to go to the MU/KU game in KC about a month go. We really wanted to see a few of our friends, especially Leigh and Bryan. It's been since the wedding reception in 2008 since we saw them! (TOO LONG!)
Anyway, no one could've guessed we'd have such an awful week, but we decided to go up to KC for the night anyway. And I'm so glad we did.
However, I didn't even think how crazy Arrowhead Stadium would be. We parked on the Mizzou side because we were running a little late. The parking lot alone looked like World War III. Flags, tents, beer...everywhere. I am not sad that we missed tailgating, though I know we would've had fun either way.

We walked in, and we were hungry. So, instead of finding our seats, the plan was just to mosey along and hop into a section that had empty seats. There were plenty. Not a problem.

Anyway, Jim almost got into a fight while I was in the bathroom. He was in line for a beer. Some weirdo kid got right up in his face.

Guy: "Hey, are you a f*ing Mizzou fan?"
Jim: "Would it matter if I was?"
Guy: "Yeah, it f*ing would!"
Jim: "Hey, if you're gonna something, start it on the MU side."
Guy: "Well, your shoes have yellow on them, and your shirt is black"
Jim: "My shirt is navy, and I'm wearing red, you stupid &*^%."
Guy: "Hey, man, I'm sorry." Extends hand for handshake...
Jim: Hits hand away, "F*&$ you. Get outta here."

Jim was riled up for hours. And, unfortunately, it was a KU fan who did that to Jim! Not my peeps, for sure.

Then, we decided to walk down to the first floor to see our friend, Sara. (Who by the way, writes for the KC Star. So proud!) On the way down, we saw two bloodied up fans and sheriff's officers. Yikes.

On our way back up to our seats, we saw a middle-aged Mizzou fan screaming... She yelled, "Why am I the one getting kicked out when she's the f^%$#@! GAYHAWK fan!" She was screaming so intensely! It was THAT serious, to her. Leigh and I about peed ourselves, plus, Leigh had never heard anyone call the Jayhawks, gayhawks. That was even more funny...
(On a side note, I cannot stand it when people use the word gay politically incorrectly, but that's another story.)

Bottom line: People are crazy about their teams and this border war. I wish KU would've won, but I don't think it's ever that big of a deal. I tease people at work about their Alma mater, but it's not serious. And, if MU was the only big 12 school in a national tournament, I would root for them. I will never fully understand how people who didn't attend either school can have so much hatred for the other! I had people from my high school give me crap, and they barely went to community college! The only thing that I would argue is Lawrence is way cooler than Columbia. Fight, anyone?

Friday, November 27, 2009

RIP Norman Clark: May 18, 1928- November 27, 2009

My Grandpa went peacefully this morning, around 3 a.m. He was 81 years old.

He was supposed to be moved to a nursing home today, but truthfully, no one really wanted to do that.

My mom said that he had been coughing for about 8 hours up until his death. He told the nurses that he was in pain and didn't think he could take it much longer. They told him they were going to give him a breathing treatment. He said, "okay", then he shut his eyes and was gone.

It was a peaceful affair, considering he has spent the last week in the hospital.

Some good notes--my cousin Robert visited him earlier this week. Robert is very special to my grandpa because the two share the same birthday. Robert and Grandpa were also partners-in-crime, and even in the end, Robert snuck in a steak to Grandpa. He had two bites before the nurses caught him. Robert and I were always enablers. This is the kind of stuff Grandpa lived for.

On Thanksgiving, Mom got Grandpa a pecan pie. Apparently, on his last day on earth, he had his battery recharged and was speaking. A lot. Even being a little bit of a spitfire. He asked for pecan pie and ice cream. He ate a whole piece. At one point, he asked if he could watch Matlock, but my Grandma told him that show is on during the mornings...and it was in the evening. He then asked for music. My mom and Grandma said, "Do you want music so that you can't hear us talk anymore?" He said, "Yes."

It's that kind of stuff that we love from Grandpa, even during sad times.

On another weird note, Grandpa died the day after Thanksgiving. His daughter Carol, who is Robert's mother, also died the day after Thanksgiving nine years ago. The dates are obviously different since Thanksgiving falls on different days each year, but it is a renewed reminder of how much we miss Aunt Carol and Uncle Dennis. They both died in an accident, and we always think of them during this time of year. So, now my cousin has a shared birthday and a shared death with my grandfather.

I, on the other hand, had a weird experience last night. I couldn't sleep. I was wide awake until 6:30 this morning, and though I have odd sleep patterns at times, this was highly unusual. I wonder if it was a sign.

Like typical "Michelle Sherwood" style, the photos I nabbed from my mom's house this week -of my grandpa- have already vanished... I wonder if I actually took them from my parent's house or if they're floating around in my house. Thankfully, I had some pictures elsewhere, so I immediately rushed to Walgreen's to make a CD that I will store in our safe deposit box. And, like typical-me, I made a video.

So long, Normie. I miss you so much. I wish I could've shown you more love in recent years, but I know you know that you were always my favorite.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Terrible Thanksgiving Week

I would've written sooner, but this week has been awful.

I got a phone call from my mom on Sunday night. She told me that my grandpa was dying and nurses didn't expect him to make it through the night. So, on Monday, Jim and I drove to Harrisonville, Missouri, to see him.

He was tied up to tubes, but he opened his eyes for me. He even shook Jim's hand. He told me that he was "so proud that I came up to see him." He said it three times that day. It made my heart hurt.

My grandpa has always been a pistol. He was ornery, stubborn, loud, and carefree...sometimes, even, careless. He's survived at least three open heart surgeries. One time when I was four, he had a heart attack while we were fishing! That man has endured a lot of health issues and surpassed them all... and this week is no exception.

He not only survived Sunday night, he survived Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Doctors will move him into a nursing home soon, too. He's been in-and-out of it, but he's still surviving. It's positive news, but still, he's suffering. I hate it. It's like waiting for death. I hate even writing that, but in the end, that's what happens, right? We all get older and sometimes we're blessed with a quick ending, and sometimes we're holed up in a hospital for weeks. Even if he does recover, only 20-percent of his heart is functioning, he has bleeding ulcers, and he's so weak, he can barely speak or open his eyes. He's uncomfortable in his bed--he's been laying in the same position for days. Like I said, it makes my heart hurt.

My grandpa has been difficult throughout the years. He was always a great grandfather to me. Afterall, I was his fishing buddy. I still like to go crappie fishing, mostly because of him. When I was a little girl, we'd go fishing off a dock at Windmill Run in Oklahoma with a can of spam and minnows. That's one of my best childhood memories.

As long as I can remember, my grandpa has had a bad heart, but he has always tested his body. On our way back from fishing, we'd stop at the gas station where they sold Chester Fried chicken. My grandpa would get us a few chicken wings, and then I'd rush back home and tell on him to my grandma. This happened so much that it actually became a game. Grandpa would do something bad, and I'd tell on him. My grandma would scold him, but he would just laugh. I think he got a kick out of it.

This happens to everyone, but I'm just experiencing this "growing older" thing. It really messes with your head when someone strong and invincible becomes old and frail. Of course my aging grandfather's health didn't deteriorate overnight, but it's more prevalent when the end is near. I will see him this weekend, if possible, and that will be nice.

On another note--I had a misdiagnosed bacterial infection... at least, that's what the doctor said during my third trip this month to urgent care. My meds are making me sick because they're super strong. He said that because the infection wasn't taken care of earlier, it's worse. Hope the third time's the charm.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Animoto: Giving you cool ways to look at pics!


I was trolling around on the internet and came across Animoto (Thanks, Aaron!) Anyway, how cool is this to play around with?

Here's a 30-second view of some sightseeing we did on our recent trip:

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Korean Adoptee Meets Birth Mother After 52 Years


This is my favorite story of the week. I was in Korea at the same time this was happening! In fact, I was at the Holt Adoption Agency the same day Willie and his family were meeting his biological mother!

Long story short, Willie got a letter out-of-the-blue from his adoption agency. His birth mother was trying to find him. She is now 81-years-old and has spent most of her life searching for him.

Here's the story I put on YouTube... but you can read his full story here on!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Korean Adoptees Struggle with Identity

A Facebook Friend, Grace, sent this article to me, and I felt enlightened! It's posted from the NY Times:

Basically, it says there is a new study that shows that first generation Korean adoptees (like me) considered themselves WHITE (as kids)! 78%, in fact.

However, it also showed that 60% said their racial identity became important by the time they were in middle school. As adults, nearly 61% traveled to Korea to learn about their culture and to find their birth parents. (Wow!)

It also goes on to say that most adoptees were raised in predominantly white neighborhoods and saw few, if any, people who looked like them. The report also found that the children were teased and experienced racial discrimination, often from teachers. And only a minority of the respondents said they felt welcomed by members of their own ethnic group.

(Insert: HOLY BEJEEZUS! I was the only Korean-looking child in my school! Some kid threw a box of rice at me! I have tons of nasty teacher stories! Mom, remember?... and yes, Korean-American students told me I was "too white"in college!)

As a result, many of them have had trouble coming to terms with their racial and ethnic identities.

The report was issued by the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute, a nonprofit adoption research and policy group based in New York.

Friday, November 06, 2009

My fave pic of wedding hair!

My oldest sister Hyun Mi took these pictures! I just saw them yesterday on Hyun Jeong's Facebook page.

I think Hyun Jeong is so beautiful. I like this picture of us! I miss Korea so much. My heart aches this time, and this is the fourth time I've been back. One day I will write a post on my reflections. I really haven't had the time because of the new changes at work. It pains me.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Check it out: New Blogger Kevin Lighty

Holy smokes! My co-worker and friend Kevin Lighty just entered the blogosphere. He actually has done a great job of getting KSPR weather online (with the weather chat and the vlogs), but now you can read more about his personal life.

You might ask, "Does he even have a personal life?" Indeed!! He probably has one of the most active personal lives out of anyone in our newsroom. He always has great stories to tell, so I'm really excited about reading his new blog.

Add him to your blogroll: In Kevin Lighty's World

Sunday, November 01, 2009

We went Full HD!

After three long years, KSPR is now in its new building. We are the first station in the Ozarks to be full HD. That means we shoot in HD and air in HD. We launched our new set, and I had the privilege of airing KSPR's first story. Here goes: