Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Former Springfield 33 Anchor Returns

He's bbbbaaaaaaaaacccccccckkkkkkk!! John Brown is coming back to Springfield! Who? Oh yes, the former "Springfield 33" anchor will be in Springfield this Saturday to promote Missouri Legends... a book he wrote about, well, famous people. Maybe Brown himself is trying to become a Missouri Legend? That's in the next book!

Brown's press release reads, "Brad Pitt. Payne Stewart. Josephine Baker. Walter Cronkite. Thomas Pendergast. George Washington Carver. What do these icons have in common? They were all born and raised in the Show Me State. In Missouri Legends, a fun yet informative new book by TV and radio broadcaster John Brown, well-known politicians, authors, artists, athletes, performers, and historical figures come to life. The book profiles more than 100 famous Missourians. Each profile includes a brief account of a legend’s childhood and rise to fame, not to mention a nugget or two of entertaining trivia. Filled with intrigue and information, this book is ideal for those interested in the state’s notable people and the stories behind them."

**I'm not trying to be rude... but there's already one fact error with the first sentence fragment in the presser--Brad Pitt. He was born in Oklahoma and raised in Missouri.**

Anyway, John will be signing books Saturday at Borders from 2pm to 4pm. He is currently working at the Fox affiliate in St. Louis. Before that, he was hosting the Daily Buzz. John was the main anchor at KSPR when it was known as "Springfield 33" about four anchors ago... but somewhere around 2003 if my memory serves correctly. Go check him out! Maybe we'll get the book at the PRK library?!

Monday, June 23, 2008


It has been a tough couple of weeks, man. I have talked to all of my friends, and they've all had bad $#@! happen to them. And I mean BAD. From life tragedies to expensive mishaps... to expensive life mishaps.

That's partly why I haven't been writing on the blog. The two things that have pissed me off the most this week deal with my basement flooding (this is like the 3rd or 4th time in a year.)

Not only did my couches get soaked (I finally had my parents come and pick them up before they started molding--at least this way someone can use them...), my dryer also got ruined. My dryer!! There goes another $300-$500! DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE TO HAVE NO CLEAN UNDERWEAR? It sucks! Jim couldn't stand it, so he took our clothes to Dutchmaid. Yep, we dropped another $60 (because we're soo rich) to have strangers clean and fold our dirty underwears. I feel sorry for them...

Oh yeah, and my freaking windshield wipers stopped working! It is going to cost me $300 to get them fixed, as well as a broken hatch on my car. Let me say, you look pretty stupid with your head hanging out the window to drive in all of this stupid-ass rain we've had. Jim has taken me to work a couple of times, too. God I wish it would stop raining!!! Not only am I starting to think God hates us, I'm also just getting really pissed off... and soaked!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Check this Out

My news director set up a Buff Brides Ning... is that right? I don't know what it's called... all I know is it's really freaking cool. In a way, it kind of reminds me of myspace, but it's more topic-related. ??

Anyway, come join me!!! All you have to do is sign up (easy with an email address) You can start discussions on health issues, upload pictures and design your own page! I need some support-- so click here!

Find more photos like this on Ozarks Buff Brides

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Google Image Labeler

Tammy F. over at the library showed me this today. It is the most addictive thing, even though I'm sure I'm making GOOGLE's life easier.

It's the Google Image Labeler. Have you heard of this?

Basically, Google matches you with someone else on the Internet... a picture will pop up, and you and your partner will have to come up with all the names you can think of to describe that image. It's like a game, except you know in reality, it's not. Google's keeping track of the things you and your partner say for future reference, I'm sure.
Still, it's pretty fascinating stuff. I keep playing and playing and playing...

Monday, June 09, 2008


Some good news to pass along. Someone in my family is pregnant! And better yet, it's not me!

My youngest sister Yeon Jeong is pregnant with her first baby. She's the first person in the family to have a baby, and it is a boy! My Korean father must be so relieved to finally have someone else in the family with some franks and beans! Ha!

Anyway, her baby is due in September... the same month I'm going to get married. I think that means I'll be taking a trip to Korea sometime in 2009. I'm going to be a MIGUK IMO! (Mee-gook Emo translates to American auntie)

I was so excited when I heard the news. I happened to call one day a few weeks ago because I was checking on my second oldest sister, Hyun Jeong. She lives in China, and I was concerned about her after the earthquake... anyway, Yeon Jeong was at my Korean parents' house, and she told me in broken English, though I could still understand her. I burst into happy tears for some unknown reason, (I am much more emotional these days...) but it makes me more happy and appreciative that my birth family and I found each other ten years ago!! I can't believe it's been a decade, and now I realize how much it changed the outcome of my life. My parents are so excited; they even bought clothes to send her! Good times~

Sunday, June 01, 2008

My Best Friend's Wedding

My great single friends are dying off one by one...
and sooner than later, I'll be falling right behind them.
The new Mrs. Davis and the soon-to-be Mrs. Van Dillen

Great arms, great feet. Mr. and Mrs. Tanner Davis cuttin' a rug.

I actually had such a blast at this wedding. Weddings really have become so much fun during the last few years because all of my really good friends have been getting married... so they're just more special these days.

Downtown Kansas City at the Muehlbach.

I was sweaty and I broke my shoes. Kewl.

Love the hands on the hip!

Lucy and Tanner live near Washington, D.C. They work for the government doing really cool things, and they have a beagle named Gertrude... Gertie for short. I miss them very much! Lucy was my roommate in college for four semesters, and I couldn't tell any stories about our friendship during my toast because they were all inappropriate. Gotta love it!

It's our turn soon!