Sunday, June 01, 2008

My Best Friend's Wedding

My great single friends are dying off one by one...
and sooner than later, I'll be falling right behind them.
The new Mrs. Davis and the soon-to-be Mrs. Van Dillen

Great arms, great feet. Mr. and Mrs. Tanner Davis cuttin' a rug.

I actually had such a blast at this wedding. Weddings really have become so much fun during the last few years because all of my really good friends have been getting married... so they're just more special these days.

Downtown Kansas City at the Muehlbach.

I was sweaty and I broke my shoes. Kewl.

Love the hands on the hip!

Lucy and Tanner live near Washington, D.C. They work for the government doing really cool things, and they have a beagle named Gertrude... Gertie for short. I miss them very much! Lucy was my roommate in college for four semesters, and I couldn't tell any stories about our friendship during my toast because they were all inappropriate. Gotta love it!

It's our turn soon!


Leigh said...

Cute pictures Michelle! :)

Michelle said...

Thanks Leigh! I should've mentioned that my other best friend is already married! Love you!