Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Former Springfield 33 Anchor Returns

He's bbbbaaaaaaaaacccccccckkkkkkk!! John Brown is coming back to Springfield! Who? Oh yes, the former "Springfield 33" anchor will be in Springfield this Saturday to promote Missouri Legends... a book he wrote about, well, famous people. Maybe Brown himself is trying to become a Missouri Legend? That's in the next book!

Brown's press release reads, "Brad Pitt. Payne Stewart. Josephine Baker. Walter Cronkite. Thomas Pendergast. George Washington Carver. What do these icons have in common? They were all born and raised in the Show Me State. In Missouri Legends, a fun yet informative new book by TV and radio broadcaster John Brown, well-known politicians, authors, artists, athletes, performers, and historical figures come to life. The book profiles more than 100 famous Missourians. Each profile includes a brief account of a legend’s childhood and rise to fame, not to mention a nugget or two of entertaining trivia. Filled with intrigue and information, this book is ideal for those interested in the state’s notable people and the stories behind them."

**I'm not trying to be rude... but there's already one fact error with the first sentence fragment in the presser--Brad Pitt. He was born in Oklahoma and raised in Missouri.**

Anyway, John will be signing books Saturday at Borders from 2pm to 4pm. He is currently working at the Fox affiliate in St. Louis. Before that, he was hosting the Daily Buzz. John was the main anchor at KSPR when it was known as "Springfield 33" about four anchors ago... but somewhere around 2003 if my memory serves correctly. Go check him out! Maybe we'll get the book at the PRK library?!

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Aaron said...

I got to work with John during "The Morning Scoop" days at KSPR. He is an awesome person; what you see is what you get with John. If you have tapes in the database at the station, Michelle, you ought to watch a show or two of that. Not to be biased, but it was by far the most entertaining morning show Springfield has ever had on the air. When I worked at KY, he was my recommendation for Steve's replacement for OT when they were looking. He and Brandon Beck in the same studio would've been a riot.

I just moved back to Springfield from St. Louis and was glad to get to watch him at Fox 2 in St. Louis.