Monday, June 23, 2008


It has been a tough couple of weeks, man. I have talked to all of my friends, and they've all had bad $#@! happen to them. And I mean BAD. From life tragedies to expensive mishaps... to expensive life mishaps.

That's partly why I haven't been writing on the blog. The two things that have pissed me off the most this week deal with my basement flooding (this is like the 3rd or 4th time in a year.)

Not only did my couches get soaked (I finally had my parents come and pick them up before they started molding--at least this way someone can use them...), my dryer also got ruined. My dryer!! There goes another $300-$500! DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE TO HAVE NO CLEAN UNDERWEAR? It sucks! Jim couldn't stand it, so he took our clothes to Dutchmaid. Yep, we dropped another $60 (because we're soo rich) to have strangers clean and fold our dirty underwears. I feel sorry for them...

Oh yeah, and my freaking windshield wipers stopped working! It is going to cost me $300 to get them fixed, as well as a broken hatch on my car. Let me say, you look pretty stupid with your head hanging out the window to drive in all of this stupid-ass rain we've had. Jim has taken me to work a couple of times, too. God I wish it would stop raining!!! Not only am I starting to think God hates us, I'm also just getting really pissed off... and soaked!


Complaint Department Manager said...

Uh, I feel your pain. This was only half of what's happened recently. I have no idea what the hell is going on, but a lot of people I know are having the same luck, it's too weird.

Jason said...

I'm so sorry, Michelle. :( You and your hubby can come do laundry at Amy's and my place if it will help you save money for the big W.

Michelle said...

thanks jason! i just might! oh, and to go with the weird coincidences... yes, i have had two friends who've dealt with death, cancer, and other weird happenings. i swear, it's because the mayan calendar is about to run out.

John & Megan said...

Mayan calendar? And I hear ya - EVERYONE I know is going through a lot of bad things these days. From horrible stomach viruses to layoffs to their boss not talking to them for no reason (me). I only hope this string of bad luck ends soon!

Leigh said...

Oh Michelle! I'm so so sorry! It just may be the Mayan calendar- but if so, what will the next 4 years look like?!? (BAD!) Keep up happy thoughts, I love you! :)

Michelle said...

I am totally freaked out by the Mayan calendar...

Anonymous said...

There are laundromats where you can dry a load for 75 cents.

A windshield wiper motor and/or hoses are very inexpensive and easy to replace with only a screwdriver.
Go to one of the many auto parts stores for advice on that. It really is easy, and they can order the part for you if they don't have it in stock.
Cost, $20 or less.

As for the couch, I have no advice other than to say dry it with a constantly running fan before it molds but it sounds like it's too late for that.

Bad things happen and I'm sorry to hear these particular ones are hitting you all at once.
Especially the ones concerning your friends' health or lack thereof.

There's a popular saying here:
"If you wake up in the morning and draw a breath, it is a good day."

The Mayans were idiots.

Love you, 'chele!

Michelle said...

Thanks JJ! I am so glad to hear from you!! It's always such a nice treat. Miss you and be safe!


Gregory Holman said...

Sorry to hear it.

Stevie and I are actually doing okay. We repeatedly go around saying to each other, "Baby, we have a good life."

Sorry to poop on the party!

Anonymous said...

The Mayans had a calendar?????