Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Hanguk Anniversary!

One year ago today, I married the man of my dreams... again!

Very lucky to have two wonderful weddings with two sets of families... now if I could just put them in one place!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Love NY: Band Plays Song with iphone

Do you ever wish you lived in New York?! I wish I could ride a subway and run into these guys...

A Rose! And my own thorn...

I came into work today and during our afternoon news meeting, someone said I received a rose from the Springfield News-Leader!

It was a nice surprise. Thanks!

And, to the first commentor-- Boo! Thorn! I didn't submit my own rose. Peppermintpattie sure knows how to try to take the wind out of someone's sails.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Finnish News Anchor Fired For Swigging Beer

I just have to ask-- should we be shocked of the beer swigging or that this guy was actually an anchor to being with? Is that bad?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Adoption Tax Credit: New Info

As a 2010 Angel in Adoption, I received direct info about the adoption tax credit. Great news-- the tax credit has increased... it also includes international adoption.

Have a look... it's a little long, but the information is there...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bass 2 Billfish's Peter Miller Stops by KSPR

Professional angler Peter Miller stopped by the KSPR studio today to talk about his national TV show Bass 2 Billfish. It's a reality show-- people from all across the country go down to Florida and fish for just about anything.

I wrote a story for 417 Magazine about Ozarks newlyweds, Branton and Lindsey, who were the first people on the show. They had such a great time!

Anyway, here's a little snippet of some of the video you'll see in my upcoming interview with Peter. Bass Pro is one of Peter's sponsors, so he was in Springfield today for work. Check out the following videos!

Monday, October 11, 2010

KSPR wins a Regional Emmy

I posted this on Facebook, but I wanted to quickly share that KSPR won a regional Emmy over the weekend.

The story was one I wrote back in the spring about K2, a synthetic marijuana that is now banned in Missouri. Of course, now I hear there are other versions of synthetic marijuana that are legal because it varies a compound or two from the now illegal version.

I'm really happy for KSPR and the people involved with putting the story together. Joel Girdner, Paul McReynolds, Ben Knaupp and Brian Mattson were the photographers who all made significant contributions to the story. Ron Davis and Bridget Lovelle were also key in making the story happen.

A big congrats to KY3 and all of its nominees. News producer Chris Replogle earned his first Emmy for a newscast he produced on the Derecheo Effect.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Congressional Award: Angels in Adoption

I haven't had time to write, but I'm in Washington, D.C. accepting a congressional award for adoption.

I wish I had more time to write right now, but I am too exhausted. I heard some amazing stories, and one day soon I hope to share them with you.

We were told to act as "lobbyists" and lobby for our causes. We had a "Hill Day" to do so. That was yesterday (Tuesday.) We were placed in groups and then taken to various offices of lawmakers to talk about the plight of the orphan, essentially.

For once, I had the least amount to say. The two couples in my group were extremely passionate about open records and recognizing Fetal Alcohol Syndrome as a diagnosis. Again, more to come later.

Today, we were given our "angel" pins... and wrapped up the three-day-event with a gala. I shook hands with Kristin Chenoweth and sat a few tables behind Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito. It was pretty incredible. I cried through half of the gala... it was that inspirational!

In the meantime, here are some pictures from today:

Friday, October 01, 2010

"Like a G6" Makes Music History!!

Far East Movement's "Like a G6" is making music history-- it's hard to keep up where it is on the Billboard charts... BUT, it's the FIRST ALL-ASIAN-AMERICAN group to break through the #10 spot on the Billboard.

The song also recently hit #1 on the iTunes singles charts.

Now the question is... WHAT THE HECK IS A G6????