Friday, December 28, 2007

Loved it: Charlie Wilson's War

The real Charlie Wilson
Saw "Charlie Wilson's War" last night with a couple of friends...
It was great!! Philip Seymore Hoffman is the most awesome actor ever. Jim doesn't really care for Tom Hanks, but I think he likes him a lot more after seeing the movie. I've always like Tom Hanks, PS...
...but the movie makes you wonder if things would have been different had the US helped stabilize Afghanistan after pushing out the Russians.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Goodbye 2007

My 10 great memories of 2007--this year was a year of firsts, lasts and onlys...good times, though, for sure:

10. Gained 10 pounds. Not that that's good, but it was fun gaining it. Talk to me again in 2008 when I'm at the gym.

9. Moved into a house in the student ghetto. I get a kick out of watching my neighboring flag girls from Missouri State practice in the street.

8. Dyed my hair back to its natural color. It was a traumatic adjustment to get rid of my blonde roots.

7. Got nominated for an Emmy. We lost, but I got excited over it for a minute. Probably won't get nominated again... or excited for that matter. The event was pretty lackluster as the host sang an opening number and forgot the words, much like a mocumentary.

6. Hosted several Grey's Anatomy watch parties with my former roommate and good friend Megahn. Those were pretty sweet...though I miss the bierocks.

5. Briefly became a college instructor. It was pretty exciting until I realized that most of the students didn't want to be in my nightly-summer-introduction to journalism-class. Still, it was a good experience.

4. Ate sushi off a naked lady and then puked it up an hour later with my BFF Lucy. And then puked up some more the next morning in the car on the way to McDonald's. That was a really great way to say goodbye.

3. Got a new job. For the most part, it's been awesome...

2. Spending time with my family--Mom is much healthier, losing around 60 pounds... Dad is back to work after undergoing brain surgery from a quarter-sized tumor.

1. Got engaged to the fart monster...planning the wedding though is not as exciting. Destination weddings are not as easy as people might think...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Local Chocolate Maker is Smooth on iVillage

Former defense attorney Shawn Askinosie hits the iVillage scene recently to talk with former Apprentice winner Bill Rancic (who's also married to that girl on E! News...Giuliana DePandi)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Some Lovin' from My Oven

This year I've decided to bake bread for the's been an interesting experience since I usually do not like to bake. I had this grand plan to send out bread to all the people I know...but I got lazy. And tired. So, I made some bread for my co-workers instead. Feel free to look at the bread and feel like I made it for you!

But to go along with my JUST TRY IT! recipes, here's how you can make a wonderful loaf of banana or pumpkin bread for yourself.

3 1/4 cup flour
2 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon nutmeg
2 cup packed pumpkin (1 can)
1 cup vegetable oil
1 1/2 t salt
1 teaspoon cinnamon
3 cup sugar
2/3 water
4 eggs
Bake at 350 degrees for about 40-45 minutes, depending on the size of your loaves. I do mini-loaves, so it doesn't take that long. Also, make sure to grease your pans... I use PAM instead of butter. Add walnuts to your liking...I do about a handful.

2 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup butter
3/4 cup brown sugar
2 eggs, beaten
2 1/3 cups mashed overripe bananas
Same instructions as above.

**If you freeze the bread, I wrapped it in a paper towel to absorb any moisture. Then one layer of saran wrap, then one layer of heavy duty foil...then put it in a freezer bag.**

Friday, December 14, 2007

Pleasant Hill Grad Dies

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - A soldier raised in Missouri has died in Baghdad of injuries that weren't sustained in combat. The death of 31-year-old Army Specialist Randy Pickering is under investigation. His brother, Chris Pickering, says the family expects to get the autopsy results soon. The Michigan man says the family is skeptical of initial reports from the military that the death might have been a suicide. Randy Pickering grew up in Pleasant Hill in the Kansas City area and later lived with his grandparents for several years in Liberty. Chris Pickering says his brother didn't graduate from high school but earned his equivalency certificate and had a college degree in computer programming. He lived in Missouri until his mid20s, when he moved to Minnesota with his father and other family members. (Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.) AP-NY-12-14-07 0811EST

Freddy got Fingered...or Frozen...or F$#@!@!

Freddy, the majestical white deer

From the Lake Sun Leader:

CAMDEN COUNTY - Residents are calling foul against the possibility that a hunter shot an albino deer that was known to roam throughout the woods near the Camden and Morgan counties border. Lovingly named Freddy by those in the neighborhood, his snow-white fur had become a welcome sight. Residents had hoped hunters also would appreciate the rare sight of Freddy and let him be, rather than kill him.
At the start of firearms season, many weighed the consequences of a public campaign to protect the button buck from hunters or the possibility the attention would cause more hunters to head their way.In the end, it didn't make a difference, said resident Dawn Merrill.Rumors have been circulating through the neighborhood that Freddy was killed.
It's such a shame. I've never seen him and now I won't ever be able to, Merrill said. We used to slow the car down every day to and from work just so we could maybe catch sight of him and say we saw him. He (the hunter) took that away from us.Merrill said the neighborhood used to talk only of Freddy sightings; who and where he was last sighted. Now that talk has switched to who killed him and when.Merrill said the neighborhood has a good idea.
They have a business here, a vested interest in the neighborhood, but this shows that they just don't care, she said.She said after the last article published, she hoped hunters would have realized how important the deer was to the neighbors and how much everybody enjoyed seeing him.Albinism is a recessive trait found in everything from mammals and birds to reptiles, fish and even plants.
The complete absence of color, noted particularly by the white hooves and the red or pink eyes, causes the animal to stand out against its surroundings and makes concealment hard.Camden County conservation agent Sean Ernst said Freddy had a strike against him from the start.A deer's major defenses is blending in, with white fur he was easily spotted by predators such as coyotes and hunters, Ernst said.
He was able to confirm he's heard the same rumor, that Freddy was tagged.Merrill said Freddy's uniqueness wasn't a disability, but beautiful.Animals turn away from another animal with abnormal characteristics, she said. Freddy was seen and photographed with his own mother and other deer, proving he was accepted by his population.
Because albinism is a recessive trait, both parents must carry the gene before it can occur in their offspring. Even then, there's only a one-in-four chance they will produce an albino fawn. Based on hunter reports, about one deer in 30,000 in Missouri is albino, according to the Missouri Department of Conservation Web site.There are at least seven states that make it illegal to hunt albino deer. Missouri is not one of them.

Contact this reporter at

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

First Person Plural: My adoption thoughts from 2000

In 2000, the National Asian American Telecommunications Association and PBS paired up to tell the personal stories of adoptees.

It was centered around a documentary called "First Person Plural". The documentary was about a Korean adoptee, Deann Borshay, and her journey back to her birth country. She came over in the 60s and had thought her birth mother was dead--that was not the case. In the end, she brought her birth family and adoptive family together.

For whatever reason, I remember being wishy-washy about this documentary. I remember feeling like it left a negative impression about adoption. Maybe that was because I had a different experience...or maybe I have a bad memory.

Anyway, the most interesting thing I found was my First Person Plural on PBS. The funny thing is that I wrote it while I was in college...there are some spelling mistakes...and at first, I was a little embarassed to share. But, then I realized that it was how I felt during one time in my life, so I thought I would share for any adoptee...this would've been right after my second trip to Korea. It was clearly an email I had written because I ask questions at the end of mine and no one responded...did PBS even read my FPP?

Monday, December 10, 2007

A Once in a Lifetime Storm, huh?

Whoever said January's ice storm was a once-in-a-lifetime storm deserves to get punched in the kidneys...because I believe that person jinxed it for us.

If I lose power and have to sleep at the station again, I'm going to freak out. Last year I was out for nearly two weeks. Two weeks of sleeping in strange places, next to even stranger people. If I have to hear one more co-worker accidentally fart in his sleep, it might kill me.

On a more serious note, people have been injured in this weather, so I hope everyone stays safe.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Dress

So, today, I made an unexpected purchase. I haven't even been thinking about getting my wedding dress yet because frankly, I wanted to figure out everything else first. Like the church, the reception, the accomodations, the colors...oh yea, and I wanted to hit the gym at least twice.

Anyway, I got a sale email from Ella Weiss, the boutique in downtown I went to check it out.

I hadn't planned on staying long because I was going to work at 2pm. It was 1pm when I arrived. Long story short, I went in, tried on a few dresses and came out with a winner (55 minutes later.)

My friend Larissa will appreciate this--Stephanie, the owner, said that Larissa was so low-maintenance when she came in. Apparently, she picked out her dress and that was that. Today, Stephanie said I gave Larissa a run for her money!

My friend Laurie told me not to go shopping alone, to have my friends and my mom go and take look around...but I guess I just wasn't feeling it today. One thing to scratch off my list.

Good times...and by the way, the above is not my dress. Jim won't see it until Sept. 2008...but for anyone else, the girls at EW said I could come by and visit it anytime...

Monday, December 03, 2007

To and From

Brandon Goodwin is a local guy who makes great personal wedding videos and movies!
He has a Christmas movie showing at the Moxie on December 16th, 17th, and 18th...

Here's the synopsis and trailer! Check it out and support our local artists~

Before moving to Antarctical to study Astrophysics at the South Pole, Harry (Mystery Jeff Houghton) returns home for the holidays to stay with this eccentric grandfather (Robert E. Smith) who believes he is Santa Clause. Harry develops a crush on his family physician (Sarah Jenkins) and finds himself in a feud with his grandfather's girlfriend's grandson (Jeff Jenkins). This week proves to be filled with unrequited love, childish rivalries, and misguided holiday adventure. Written and directed by local filmmakers Nate Black and Brandon Goodwin.

BCS Lovin' for the Jayhawks

As many of you know by now, MU lost to Oklahoma...
Sunday, the Tigers learned that their loss to Oklahoma was a bit more costly than they thought.

The Tigers will not receive a BCS bid and will instead face the Arkansas Razorbacks in the Cotton Bowl on January 1st in Dallas, Texas.


So, who took the BCS bid away from the tigers?
Perhaps, it was:


KU will play Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl at Miami on January 3rd. Should be a good match up: Jayhawks finished the year at 11-1; Virginia Tech finished 11-2.

**NOTE** For the record, I rooted on the Tigers Saturday, but I love me some Jayhawks...I don't get all crazy about them like a lot of my friends, but I still have school pride, duh. Now, if Dustin would stop leaving me dirty MU messages on my desk at work, things would be just fine.