Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Goodbye 2007

My 10 great memories of 2007--this year was a year of firsts, lasts and onlys...good times, though, for sure:

10. Gained 10 pounds. Not that that's good, but it was fun gaining it. Talk to me again in 2008 when I'm at the gym.

9. Moved into a house in the student ghetto. I get a kick out of watching my neighboring flag girls from Missouri State practice in the street.

8. Dyed my hair back to its natural color. It was a traumatic adjustment to get rid of my blonde roots.

7. Got nominated for an Emmy. We lost, but I got excited over it for a minute. Probably won't get nominated again... or excited for that matter. The event was pretty lackluster as the host sang an opening number and forgot the words, much like a mocumentary.

6. Hosted several Grey's Anatomy watch parties with my former roommate and good friend Megahn. Those were pretty sweet...though I miss the bierocks.

5. Briefly became a college instructor. It was pretty exciting until I realized that most of the students didn't want to be in my nightly-summer-introduction to journalism-class. Still, it was a good experience.

4. Ate sushi off a naked lady and then puked it up an hour later with my BFF Lucy. And then puked up some more the next morning in the car on the way to McDonald's. That was a really great way to say goodbye.

3. Got a new job. For the most part, it's been awesome...

2. Spending time with my family--Mom is much healthier, losing around 60 pounds... Dad is back to work after undergoing brain surgery from a quarter-sized tumor.

1. Got engaged to the fart monster...planning the wedding though is not as exciting. Destination weddings are not as easy as people might think...



If I call him the Fart Monster, will he deck me for coming on to him... or ask me to get a beer?

It's been good. Let's make 08 better.


Michelle said...

Dave, Where's your list?

Megahn said...

It's nice to hear your mom's hard work is paying off! Does she credit the Weight Watch for her weight loss? :)

Michelle said...

Yes, Weight Watchers. Can you believe it? Another one of my friends just lost about 20 with WW... maybe that's a hint for me.

John & Megan said...

A pretty good top 10. Perhaps you've inspired me...
Fart monster? Pretty sure I'm married to the fart monster. Maybe there are two of them? Happy New Year!

Richard Simmons said...

Just 10?