Monday, July 31, 2006

My Best Friend

Someone "anonymously" posted a comment as to why there is no picture of my best friend. Well, her name is Lucy, and she is a defense attorney in Kansas City, Missouri, but she can practice law in Kansas and Missouri. I would know, I wrote her a recommendation to take the bar exam. She is truly an amazing woman, and I guess "anonymous" can rest easy now...

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Not only is he a great meterologist, he is one funny dude. People say "he's taken the weekends to a new level!" Check out his blog--I posted a link here and at the bottom lefthand corner of the page.

Doug's a real photographer now

My friend Doug just won his first professional National Press Photographers Association Award. It was First Place for Spot News, an awesome achievement since he won against some great photographers in St. Louis and Kansas City. Plus, I'm also proud of him because I wrote it!

What's your story?

One of my best friends and co-workers, Laurie Patton, is branching off to work on your life story. In fact, she's started a cool new company called The Life Story Company. Think of it as a documentary about your loved one or an autobiography about yourself. Pretty cool. I just had to show what she's up to. And FYI, she's the crime reporter--just goes to show you that everyone has a soft side. There's a link to her website at the bottom left. Check her out!

BLOG Japanese style

My dear friend, Taka Yokoyama, has a blog about what it's like to be a Japanese photographer in a town that's supposedly the sixth whitest city in the nation. (Who decides that?!) The catch: you must be able to read Japanese.

Are blogs sketchy?

KY3 Anchor Jerry Jacob does more than just deliver the news or play a Hello Kitty guitar. He also drew this picture in response to my question, "Are blogs sketchy?"


I do deliver, as promised! Here's to my friends who keep asking to see a picture of Jim. This was taken from the Sheraton Waikiki in late June. We were there for "business"--the Asian American Journalists Association Convention. Ahem, the only lessons he took were surfing and scuba.

Asian Invasion

Okay, so this is one of my new favorite websites! MTV K. What is that, you ask? MTV Korea, duh! Newly launched and extremely fabulous.

By the way, my favorite Korean pop princess is 19, she is an Asian sensation. Her new video for the song "My Name" was the first-ever video to air on MTV K.


Welcome to my blog!

OMG! This is like the most exciting thing I've done...okay, not really. But this is going to be fun. More to come!