Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dude... the fair's here...

Holy crap. It's time for the Ozark Empire Fair. Click here (then scroll down) to see the last time I went. It was also the year I got a back tattoo.

Also, it was the last time I saw a really good girl fight. This little 100 pound girl went after this guy and started hitting him in the back of the head. Everyone scattered, the cops had to break it up, and it was nuts.

It was also the last time I really got to hang out with my friend Kimberly before she got married...and it was just after Jim and I got back from Hawaii, Trip #1.

Ahh, the fair. Good times.

Hope this year I can meet Weird Al! If anyone wants to go with me, let me know! Jim is out of town for his second bachelor party this weekend, and I can always use a good fried oreo.

Monday, July 21, 2008

My First 5K!!!

I did it. Here's a pic of Kate and me running this Saturday. I am so proud of us! To see more (sweaty) pics, click here.

The Shoe

I think this is going to be my wedding shoe.

I wanted something blue. And you can't tell in the picture, but they're silver dots.

What do you think? You won't be able to see them under my dress, either, so I say screw it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I work at a really hot place

...and I'm not talking about KSPR, though I think it's a pretty cool place, too...

The PRK Library was nominated for GO Magazine's Hot List in the Free Entertainment category. Each year, the editors come up with 56 Things We Love Right Now... Why 56? I dunno...

Anyway, this year, there's a twist. The nominees get voted off!! Push-ha! Voting starts July 16th and ends August 12th. You can vote by clicking here.

Monday, July 14, 2008

New Blog to Check Out!!

My friend Alan just started a new blog-- it's a little something Springfield but all things music, politics, arts, rants... and still yet, even more music.

Check it out! He just finished his first post-ever. Show him some blogger love!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Big Ups on Downstream

...So... we took a little journey to the Downstream Casino tonight!

Have you heard of this place? It's right where Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas meet--just off I-44. Take exit 1...(it will take you about an hour and 10 minutes from SGF.) The guys at the casino told us that we were parked in Kansas and gambling in Oklahoma. Then a guy made some joke about the bathrooms being in Arkansas or something. I forgot how it went... but it seemed funny at the time.

Anyway, here's a little secret about me... I am a HUGE fan of blackjack. I love the game itself, but it was so frustrating playing tonight with the dudes who've never played before... or at least the ones who screwed up the rotation.

  • Do not stay on a 14 when the dealer is showing an 8.
  • Do not stay on a soft 17. Seriously.
  • Do not stay on a 15 when the dealer is showing a face card.
  • Do not double down on a 10 when the dealer is showing a 9.

SERIOUSLY? ARGH!!! I moved three times after watching people totally screw the table. One time I even said to someone, "Why didn't you hit?! Oh my God, you're killing me..."

I'm not trying to be rude, but I don't think I can go back there to play cards until it's been there long enough for people to figure out how to play by the rules. It was brutal.

Aside from that, we were pretty lucky on the slots>>>>>>>>>>>>

As Dave Chapelle would say, "I'm rich, beeatch!" Count it up... Jim and I walked away with more than $500. SWEET!!

Dave Chappelle

Too bad my car broke down earlier this week (again)...
One more note: They don't have very many table games. I was missing craps, roulette, and caribbean stud (unless I missed that).

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Blind Korean Girl is a Genius at Piano

This melts my heart. Plus, the song she sings at the end is a very familiar one to Dillon (adoptive) families. The social workers used to sing this song to us the night before we left Korea! I could watch this over and over again!

A New Restaurant Hawaii Style!!

Holy crap! There is a new restaurant in downtown Springfield operating under Merle's during the evening... it's called Hawaiian Food by KAILANI.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to try it, since I am going to get married in the Aloha state. And YES, THEY HAVE SPAM!! SPAM!!! SPAM!!!!

When I was a kid, my grandpa and I used Spam for fish bait... but since then, I've tried eating it... and it's not bad! And when Jim and I were in Hawaii, we saw spam sushi in the 7-Eleven. It's awesome stuff.

Anyway, here's a quick look at some of the things on the menu:


CHICKEN KATSU (Panko Breaded Chicken with Spicy Katsu Sauce)
KOREAN CHICKEN (Korean Style Chicken Drummettes)
LOCO MOCO (Gravy smothered Beff Patties with Eggs)

HAUPIA (Classic Coconut Pudding)
BANANA HAUPIA (Banana Coconut Pudding)
PINEAPPLE HAUPIA (Pineapple Coconut Pudding)
MALASADAS (Sweet Biscuits with Vanilla Ice Cream)

The number is 862-3902. The hours are 7pm to 10 pm. Someone try it and let me know!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I (Stupidly) Broke up a Drug Deal

Well, I blew the lede. BUT, I broke up a drug deal the other day, and it was kind of kewl.

I can't give you full disclosure... and some of the locations and names have been withheld to protect the innocent.

But anyway...
I was somewhere in Springfield earlier this week, when I saw two men standing at a corner of two buildings with their backs to me. It was in the middle of the day, and I saw them exchanging pills. So, I stood there, a bit shocked. One guy was probably in his 50s... the other in his late 20s. I've actually seen one of the guys before walking around town.

Anyway, the young guy saw me, freaked out and started leaving. I think he was high on something already because he called out to his friend and said, "psss... hey, watch out for that girl" or something like that. (And duh, I could see and hear him when he said that.)

And then my conversation with the older gentlement sort of went like this:

MS: So, what'cha got there?
guy: Nothing, just my pills.
MS: Really, what kind of pills?
guy: Just my pills.
MS: Because it kind of looks like something weird was going on. Were you buying or selling?
guy: Neither.
MS: Okay, well, I don't think you're telling the truth, and I think you should probably get out of here.
guy: Sure. (guy walks away)

Then my friend, who was just feet away, called the police. We made a report, but I guess it didn't assigned a report number because by the time the PD came, the guys were gone.

**Jim says that wasn't very smart of me. I could get shot or something... but I say people shouldn't be dealing drugs in the street in front of me or anybody else!

Anyway, they could've been exchanging tic tacs for all I know, but it seemed really weird and wrong. I should've yelled, "Citizens Arrest!" like they do in the movies. Damn.

On that note, I feel like my "breaking the ice" deserves a Britney mention. I hate to admit that I really like her new song. Click here to listen to it-- it's on my buff brides community page, just go to the bottom left and click on "Break the Ice".

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Party Girl?

Have you ever had someone judge you in such a quick moment that you just think, "Holy crapballs, did that just happen?" And then you think about it ALL NIGHT??

It happened to me tonight. And really, it was kind of funny.

I met this very friendly person. And one of the first things out of said person's mouth was, "You seem wild." Huh? The next thing was, "You seem like such a party girl, we should totally hang out! I want to get wasted!!"

Uh, Ex-squeeze me?!

It was totally weird. I mean, it shouldn't be... because, let's face it... I am super fun. (Actually, I tend to warn new people that I am a "flaky friend.")

However, when someone says something about you that takes you off guard, it makes you think about random things in your life:

That "party girl" statement actually made me think of all the "non-party girl" things I did in college--
1. I was the farthest thing from a party ANYTHING in college. I couldn't stand the taste of alcohol (I mean, occasionally...but I was the girl who drank coke at the bars and pretended it was rum and coke. I would smoke cigarettes (don't advocate smoking) in the corner and shoo off the one or two bearded men with Asian Fetish.)

2. I didn't wear make up and wore t-shirts, elastic pants, and flip flops. Everywhere. I didn't even know I had boobs until I was well in my 20s.

3. I was chubby. Okay, still am... but feeling less chubby these days and continue to work on it.

4. I did stupid stuff like "borrow" my boyfriend's deceased friend's father's handicapped parking pass (so that I could drive on campus)... only to randomly throw water balloons or tacos at other students. Yep, that's for real.

5. I thought grades mattered. In fact, my first semester of school, I brought home a 4.0. The next was like a 3.8. I cried --no balled-- when I got my one-and-only C+ (and sadly, in a journalism class.)


And still, I can honestly say, I'm not a party girl.


1. I still don't really like the taste of alcohol. I occasionally nurse a vodka tonic or a bloody mary... but it's rare.

2. I have two jobs. No one's partying on that kind of schedule.

3. I have embraced being alone--I go to movies No party girl can do anything by herself. Duh.

4. I'm a social idiot. I have social anxiety. Party girls love the social aspect of parties, right? I'm totally introverted when I'm not behind a computer screen or a TV monitor. I'm actually challenging myself to be more of a public speaker because the thought of people looking at me currently gives me hives. Being in Springfield for a while has made me feel more comfortable around people...


The only reason I can think someone would say that about me... is that I'm loud. I'm more confident... and honestly, I am a bit raunchy.

I mean, not the you-can't-take-me-out-in-public-kind-of-raunchy... but Jim told me it's because I tend to have a mouth like a sailor.

You can blame my father for that! As a kid, my mom never reprimanded me for the way I talked because she knew I was getting it from my dad. What can I say? I've been cussing up a storm since the 7th grade. %$#&!

I mean, I like to think of myself as a civilized, nice person... but when I'm not on TV or around kids, my tongue tends to slip... a lot. It's my vice, and I make no excuses for it.

However, not only was it funny someone thought I was a party girl minutes after our first conversation... I also learned something about myself-- I didn't give a $#@(!

I mean, I'm getting older... I'm getting to a point where I know who I am (and accept it) and I think it's kind of funny someone thought they had me figured out! I can't wait to take this person out!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mix Tape Bingo Rocks!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have made history as The Coffee Ethic's first-ever Mix Tape Bingo winner!! (Actually I tied with another girl, but I think that's because we may have had the same card.)

We must've been on a roll. Our table won 3 out of the 4 games played at Mix Tape Bingo.

How does Mix Tape Bingo work, you ask? They play a lot of cool songs while you play Bingo. You have to name them...whoever gets the most right, wins a cool prize. Of course, there are other prizes for the Bingo winners (and they are equally cool!)

Tom and Shawn hard at work for Mix Tape Bingo

My friends Joanna and her husband Mark both won...

The only one who came up empty-handed was Jimbo.. but he didn't walk away empty-handed. I am getting a kewl SWAGBOT t-shirt made especially for him. SWEET.

Definitely one of the highlights of my week!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

12 Weeks and Counting

I am getting married 12 weeks today. Holy crap.

A Circus For Your Mind: Mix Tape Bingo

It's tonight at 7:30 at The Coffee Ethic. Co-owner Tom promises to have great music and fabulous prizes. I asked what kinds of prizes, and Tom said, "Well, it's being put on by a coffee shop and a t-shirt company, so..." Okay, got it.
If you've read this blog before, you may know I am a HUGE FAN OF BINGO!