Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mix Tape Bingo Rocks!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have made history as The Coffee Ethic's first-ever Mix Tape Bingo winner!! (Actually I tied with another girl, but I think that's because we may have had the same card.)

We must've been on a roll. Our table won 3 out of the 4 games played at Mix Tape Bingo.

How does Mix Tape Bingo work, you ask? They play a lot of cool songs while you play Bingo. You have to name them...whoever gets the most right, wins a cool prize. Of course, there are other prizes for the Bingo winners (and they are equally cool!)

Tom and Shawn hard at work for Mix Tape Bingo

My friends Joanna and her husband Mark both won...

The only one who came up empty-handed was Jimbo.. but he didn't walk away empty-handed. I am getting a kewl SWAGBOT t-shirt made especially for him. SWEET.

Definitely one of the highlights of my week!


Complaint Department Manager said...

Looks like your luck is turning around in July as mine did too. What a difference a new month makes, ay?

Michelle said...

No kidding!! How's the car situation?

Complaint Department Manager said...

Car is tip top, it's that credit card that's the disaster. Since I sold some car parts, I feel better. I was in no REAL danger, I just like having a certain amount of money in the bank just in case.

How's your situation going?