Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I (Stupidly) Broke up a Drug Deal

Well, I blew the lede. BUT, I broke up a drug deal the other day, and it was kind of kewl.

I can't give you full disclosure... and some of the locations and names have been withheld to protect the innocent.

But anyway...
I was somewhere in Springfield earlier this week, when I saw two men standing at a corner of two buildings with their backs to me. It was in the middle of the day, and I saw them exchanging pills. So, I stood there, a bit shocked. One guy was probably in his 50s... the other in his late 20s. I've actually seen one of the guys before walking around town.

Anyway, the young guy saw me, freaked out and started leaving. I think he was high on something already because he called out to his friend and said, "psss... hey, watch out for that girl" or something like that. (And duh, I could see and hear him when he said that.)

And then my conversation with the older gentlement sort of went like this:

MS: So, what'cha got there?
guy: Nothing, just my pills.
MS: Really, what kind of pills?
guy: Just my pills.
MS: Because it kind of looks like something weird was going on. Were you buying or selling?
guy: Neither.
MS: Okay, well, I don't think you're telling the truth, and I think you should probably get out of here.
guy: Sure. (guy walks away)

Then my friend, who was just feet away, called the police. We made a report, but I guess it didn't assigned a report number because by the time the PD came, the guys were gone.

**Jim says that wasn't very smart of me. I could get shot or something... but I say people shouldn't be dealing drugs in the street in front of me or anybody else!

Anyway, they could've been exchanging tic tacs for all I know, but it seemed really weird and wrong. I should've yelled, "Citizens Arrest!" like they do in the movies. Damn.

On that note, I feel like my "breaking the ice" deserves a Britney mention. I hate to admit that I really like her new song. Click here to listen to it-- it's on my buff brides community page, just go to the bottom left and click on "Break the Ice".


Complaint Department Manager said...

First off, Jim's right, you coulda got yo self shot. Second, just what the hell were you doing that close to some shady characters anyway? HMMMMMMM?

Amy Maxwell said...

Ah come one, she's a reporter they do crazy stuff like that. :)

Michelle, for some reason I now see you yelling, "Citizens Arrest" just like Barney Fife.