Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dude... the fair's here...

Holy crap. It's time for the Ozark Empire Fair. Click here (then scroll down) to see the last time I went. It was also the year I got a back tattoo.

Also, it was the last time I saw a really good girl fight. This little 100 pound girl went after this guy and started hitting him in the back of the head. Everyone scattered, the cops had to break it up, and it was nuts.

It was also the last time I really got to hang out with my friend Kimberly before she got married...and it was just after Jim and I got back from Hawaii, Trip #1.

Ahh, the fair. Good times.

Hope this year I can meet Weird Al! If anyone wants to go with me, let me know! Jim is out of town for his second bachelor party this weekend, and I can always use a good fried oreo.


Michelle (Mitch) said...

weird al gives me the creeps. And wait, you actually GO to the fair??

Aaron said...

My wife and I will be just some of the happy faces smiling at you as ticket takers and/or parkers at the entrances. Hey, it's a little extra cash and something we've never done before.

Unfortunately, we won't be able to bargain with you as you did in your previous trip to the fair; the guy in charge of our department said that EVERYBODY must have a ticket to get through our gates.

Also, at our orientation on Sunday, our boss told us that Weird Al has by far surpassed the others for early ticket sales. Does that say something about the Ozarks?

Michelle said...

hahaha! I actually try to make it out every other year or so...otherwise, I start trying to make my own fried twinkies and start fights with random people, and that's no good.

Sky Girl said...

I had never experienced the fair until tonight. My sister and I went to the Lonestar concert. It was a lot of fun. I didn't eat anything fried.

Michelle (Mitch) said...

Hey there, i actually am deciding to sell that bag you saw thanks to the medical bills a-rising in my life. I also have made a few other things that are my etsy store now. Just thought I'd let you know since I told you I would. Talk to you later!