Thursday, July 03, 2008

Party Girl?

Have you ever had someone judge you in such a quick moment that you just think, "Holy crapballs, did that just happen?" And then you think about it ALL NIGHT??

It happened to me tonight. And really, it was kind of funny.

I met this very friendly person. And one of the first things out of said person's mouth was, "You seem wild." Huh? The next thing was, "You seem like such a party girl, we should totally hang out! I want to get wasted!!"

Uh, Ex-squeeze me?!

It was totally weird. I mean, it shouldn't be... because, let's face it... I am super fun. (Actually, I tend to warn new people that I am a "flaky friend.")

However, when someone says something about you that takes you off guard, it makes you think about random things in your life:

That "party girl" statement actually made me think of all the "non-party girl" things I did in college--
1. I was the farthest thing from a party ANYTHING in college. I couldn't stand the taste of alcohol (I mean, occasionally...but I was the girl who drank coke at the bars and pretended it was rum and coke. I would smoke cigarettes (don't advocate smoking) in the corner and shoo off the one or two bearded men with Asian Fetish.)

2. I didn't wear make up and wore t-shirts, elastic pants, and flip flops. Everywhere. I didn't even know I had boobs until I was well in my 20s.

3. I was chubby. Okay, still am... but feeling less chubby these days and continue to work on it.

4. I did stupid stuff like "borrow" my boyfriend's deceased friend's father's handicapped parking pass (so that I could drive on campus)... only to randomly throw water balloons or tacos at other students. Yep, that's for real.

5. I thought grades mattered. In fact, my first semester of school, I brought home a 4.0. The next was like a 3.8. I cried --no balled-- when I got my one-and-only C+ (and sadly, in a journalism class.)


And still, I can honestly say, I'm not a party girl.


1. I still don't really like the taste of alcohol. I occasionally nurse a vodka tonic or a bloody mary... but it's rare.

2. I have two jobs. No one's partying on that kind of schedule.

3. I have embraced being alone--I go to movies No party girl can do anything by herself. Duh.

4. I'm a social idiot. I have social anxiety. Party girls love the social aspect of parties, right? I'm totally introverted when I'm not behind a computer screen or a TV monitor. I'm actually challenging myself to be more of a public speaker because the thought of people looking at me currently gives me hives. Being in Springfield for a while has made me feel more comfortable around people...


The only reason I can think someone would say that about me... is that I'm loud. I'm more confident... and honestly, I am a bit raunchy.

I mean, not the you-can't-take-me-out-in-public-kind-of-raunchy... but Jim told me it's because I tend to have a mouth like a sailor.

You can blame my father for that! As a kid, my mom never reprimanded me for the way I talked because she knew I was getting it from my dad. What can I say? I've been cussing up a storm since the 7th grade. %$#&!

I mean, I like to think of myself as a civilized, nice person... but when I'm not on TV or around kids, my tongue tends to slip... a lot. It's my vice, and I make no excuses for it.

However, not only was it funny someone thought I was a party girl minutes after our first conversation... I also learned something about myself-- I didn't give a $#@(!

I mean, I'm getting older... I'm getting to a point where I know who I am (and accept it) and I think it's kind of funny someone thought they had me figured out! I can't wait to take this person out!


Anonymous said...

Was this at our little gathering? I think I can guess who made the comment and can't wait to hear what happens when the two of you hit the town. Also...loving the list of your non party lifestyle!

Michelle said...

hehehehe! I'll have to tell you about it later! As for the list, it's sad but true.

Complaint Department Manager said...

Not to mention that the partying hurts more the next day. I quit so much of my past lifestyle that the only thing left is my colorful language. Oh well, something had to give.

Aaron said...

Well, now we know you're partying with celebrities. ;) Nice Kevin Costner interview.

Michelle said...

Do you like the noodlin'? I don't know why that came out of my mouth.

John & Megan said...

Michelle, you were NOT chubby in college! Hello - the Ab Dolly! You are probably the most fun girl I know, and I could never describe you as socially-awkward. You are super-cute, so don't be so hard on yourself, friend!

The Ferber Family said...

that's you mich, our little bingo-playin' party girl! ;o)

Michelle said...

Megan, Did we go to the same college? Don't you remember all the girls eating salads, cottage cheese, yogurt and broccoli? Oh yeah... and working out?

Gregory Holman said...

Girl, this is one of the best posts you've written. You're totally my party girl, in a chamomile-tea kinda way (= awesome). At some point we need to have grownups in their 30s party time chez Greg & Steve.

Leigh said...

Only party girls like Sisqo's the Thong Song my friend...

Friday afternoon T-Bell runs were the COOLEST! :)

Love you!