Monday, December 03, 2007

BCS Lovin' for the Jayhawks

As many of you know by now, MU lost to Oklahoma...
Sunday, the Tigers learned that their loss to Oklahoma was a bit more costly than they thought.

The Tigers will not receive a BCS bid and will instead face the Arkansas Razorbacks in the Cotton Bowl on January 1st in Dallas, Texas.


So, who took the BCS bid away from the tigers?
Perhaps, it was:


KU will play Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl at Miami on January 3rd. Should be a good match up: Jayhawks finished the year at 11-1; Virginia Tech finished 11-2.

**NOTE** For the record, I rooted on the Tigers Saturday, but I love me some Jayhawks...I don't get all crazy about them like a lot of my friends, but I still have school pride, duh. Now, if Dustin would stop leaving me dirty MU messages on my desk at work, things would be just fine.

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Max said...

It again proves how totally fucked up the BCS criteria is.