Monday, June 09, 2008


Some good news to pass along. Someone in my family is pregnant! And better yet, it's not me!

My youngest sister Yeon Jeong is pregnant with her first baby. She's the first person in the family to have a baby, and it is a boy! My Korean father must be so relieved to finally have someone else in the family with some franks and beans! Ha!

Anyway, her baby is due in September... the same month I'm going to get married. I think that means I'll be taking a trip to Korea sometime in 2009. I'm going to be a MIGUK IMO! (Mee-gook Emo translates to American auntie)

I was so excited when I heard the news. I happened to call one day a few weeks ago because I was checking on my second oldest sister, Hyun Jeong. She lives in China, and I was concerned about her after the earthquake... anyway, Yeon Jeong was at my Korean parents' house, and she told me in broken English, though I could still understand her. I burst into happy tears for some unknown reason, (I am much more emotional these days...) but it makes me more happy and appreciative that my birth family and I found each other ten years ago!! I can't believe it's been a decade, and now I realize how much it changed the outcome of my life. My parents are so excited; they even bought clothes to send her! Good times~


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