Monday, November 30, 2009

Out of Control Mizzou/KU Fans


Jim and I scheduled to go to the MU/KU game in KC about a month go. We really wanted to see a few of our friends, especially Leigh and Bryan. It's been since the wedding reception in 2008 since we saw them! (TOO LONG!)
Anyway, no one could've guessed we'd have such an awful week, but we decided to go up to KC for the night anyway. And I'm so glad we did.
However, I didn't even think how crazy Arrowhead Stadium would be. We parked on the Mizzou side because we were running a little late. The parking lot alone looked like World War III. Flags, tents, beer...everywhere. I am not sad that we missed tailgating, though I know we would've had fun either way.

We walked in, and we were hungry. So, instead of finding our seats, the plan was just to mosey along and hop into a section that had empty seats. There were plenty. Not a problem.

Anyway, Jim almost got into a fight while I was in the bathroom. He was in line for a beer. Some weirdo kid got right up in his face.

Guy: "Hey, are you a f*ing Mizzou fan?"
Jim: "Would it matter if I was?"
Guy: "Yeah, it f*ing would!"
Jim: "Hey, if you're gonna something, start it on the MU side."
Guy: "Well, your shoes have yellow on them, and your shirt is black"
Jim: "My shirt is navy, and I'm wearing red, you stupid &*^%."
Guy: "Hey, man, I'm sorry." Extends hand for handshake...
Jim: Hits hand away, "F*&$ you. Get outta here."

Jim was riled up for hours. And, unfortunately, it was a KU fan who did that to Jim! Not my peeps, for sure.

Then, we decided to walk down to the first floor to see our friend, Sara. (Who by the way, writes for the KC Star. So proud!) On the way down, we saw two bloodied up fans and sheriff's officers. Yikes.

On our way back up to our seats, we saw a middle-aged Mizzou fan screaming... She yelled, "Why am I the one getting kicked out when she's the f^%$#@! GAYHAWK fan!" She was screaming so intensely! It was THAT serious, to her. Leigh and I about peed ourselves, plus, Leigh had never heard anyone call the Jayhawks, gayhawks. That was even more funny...
(On a side note, I cannot stand it when people use the word gay politically incorrectly, but that's another story.)

Bottom line: People are crazy about their teams and this border war. I wish KU would've won, but I don't think it's ever that big of a deal. I tease people at work about their Alma mater, but it's not serious. And, if MU was the only big 12 school in a national tournament, I would root for them. I will never fully understand how people who didn't attend either school can have so much hatred for the other! I had people from my high school give me crap, and they barely went to community college! The only thing that I would argue is Lawrence is way cooler than Columbia. Fight, anyone?


Brian said...

Yes, I will fight you. But, instead of me, I will use JVD. He knows Tae-kwon-do. On a side note, I wish I was as big as Jim so I could slap people's hands away. I would do it all the everyone.

Anonymous said...

Stumbled over your blog this morning! Am a very serious MU fan; my sister and brother-in-law big time KU ...
I love the rivalry, but root for KU when they aren't playing MU ... root for the Big 12 when they play anyone outside our conference.
Hard for me to understand people who are complete arses like some you mention that were at the game. When all is said, I think you have an excellent attitude/outlook ... no fight from me, Youngster!