Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Who's Sarah Palin?

Just for the record, I am not trying to upset anyone or be political... and this is my opinion, alone.

However, this is as close as we got to Sarah Palin today... her BUS. Across the street.

I suppose it's her right to have a private function and not allow the media in. BUT WHY???

I think it's too bad that more people couldn't have closeup access to her. As she takes this big tour across our nation, people want to see her. There are people all over the Ozarks who want to see her and can't because they don't have the means to get over to Borders or down to Hollister. That's where people like me come in... and the best I could give viewers was a side shot of her bus.

Here's my 4 p.m. liveshot.

I had the same concern when we tried to talk to Rudy Giuliani when he came to Springfield in 2007.

My argument has nothing to do about politics. It's about access. I even talked with some of the PR people at College of the Ozarks, and they were also disappointed that she wasn't more accessible. I really do believe that our viewers want to see Mrs. Palin, and they were let down.

Love her or hate her, people want to see her. We have to cover an event like this. We can't just ignore it, even when we have limited video. Why not have a good relationship with working media? When public figures make decisions to avoid the media, it really only lets down their supporters. In my opinion.

By the way, if you want to watch a wrap of the day's events, click here.


Anonymous said...

As Palin blasts the media, they are her best ally. Without them she'd be just another pretty face looking for 15 minutes. It's a contemptuous relationship—they need each other.

Not so deep thought: All else remaining the same, if Palin looked like Janet Reno, would anyone be having a realtionship with her at all?

Anonymous said...

It's a wonder anyone is having a relationship with her at all now.

When she winks, the 'vacancy' sign blinks!