Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm an aunt- two times over!

My sister, Yeon Jeong, had a baby girl!

I am still waiting to hear the baby's name. She has a full head of hair... and her big brother, Won Hoo, seems very curious!

If you ever catch up with me on Facebook, you may have seen some video of our Korean family... They ask Won Hoo, "Imo-bu bo bo?"(Can you give your uncle a kiss?) AND "Imo, bo bo?" (Can you give your aunt a kiss?) He's so cute! I miss him so much that my heart hurts!

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Sunnymama said...

Dear Michelle-
I just realized my daughter is at the Holt reception Center and I remembered people talking about you are the Holt BB. I found your blog and wanted to ask you if you saw my daughter. Her name is Gang Yu-jin and she is deaf. Please come visit my blog and see her face. I would love to know if you saw her and if you might have gotten some pictures of her!
Thank you!