Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Parade 2009: Fun and Dreary at the Same Time

We did not color coordinate, though it looks like it.
From left to right: Me, Emily Rittman, Joanna Small, Christine Daues, and baby Jude Daues
We had a lot of fun at today's Christmas parade, but seriously, the weather was terrible! Not only was it cold... it was rainy. Let's blame the weather folks.

Meteorologists Craig Carnesi and Kevin Lighty

And my dang KSPR umbrella broke before we even got started! (Insert joke here.)

What the ??

We all had a good time passing out candy, though we all came to the conclusion that next year, we need less Tootsie Rolls and more Hershey's Kisses. Hey, it's been a tough year, but you know it's bad when a kid says, "No thank you" to your Tootsie Roll!

Towards the end of the parade... I had forgotten to take pictures during the midst of throwing out candy!

After that, a good portion of the gang went to the mall to ring bells for the Salvation Army. I saw dollar bills go in the red kettle on my shift! Awesome!

It was cold, wet, and absolutely dreadful outside, but overall, a good day! It was nice to see so many people with their cute kids and puppies... aw, the holidays are here!

Update: Kevin Lighty made a short video of the parade-- other than my dorky, "HEEEEYY" in the beginning, and my annoying gum-chomping, it's kinda cute...

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Oh My GOFF said...

Ohh the parades! Reminds me of my days of candy pelting in Sioux City Iowa.. we all had to throw out BINGS because that's the home of the cherry treat!

You looked adorable in the red!