Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our friend Dave, the politico

David Catanese is leaving Ky3.

I just spent the last few minutes trying to write that sentence cleverly, but then I realized I was only burying the lead.

David Catanese is leaving Ky3. He's headed to Washington, D.C., to become the latest reporter at Politico. His last day on the air will be December 29th.

During his five year stint in the Ozarks, Dave accomplished something no other KY3 reporter had ever done. He elevated the station and filled a niche.

Many people will miss him for his witty writing, exclusive stories, and his political perspectives. Heck, a lot of folks will even miss that subtle smirk he gave at the end of an occasional live shot.

I will miss him for much more. We were pod mates at KY3 and later became good friends. Eventually, my husband would become even better friends with him. I have so many great memories with Dave from work, but the best flashbacks are from what happened off the clock. Dave and I had one epic New Year's Eve together (we just talked about this at dinner tonight!) And, he was one of the few close friends who joined us for our wedding in Honolulu, which he blogged about from the beach.

He's been in our Springfield family for the last few years, and one day we will look back and realize how lucky we were to have had this time together. (Mostly Jim, Dave and Taka, a.k.a, the Motley Crew.)

Though the news hasn't really sunk in, we are so excited for Dave! He has so much of the "it" factor... not as a political reporter but simply as a damn good person.


Harold D said...

Dang... you can't keep 'em down on the farm forever. Happy for him, but his level of professionalism will be missed on this side of the TV set.

Anonymous said...

I'm among Dave's many fans, and you've written a lovely tribute here, Michelle. However, I do take issue with your contention that he has done something that no other reporter has done in KYTV's long history, namely elevate the station and fill a niche. KYTV has had several fine reporters who "elevated" the station's news reports. Here's just one who is very much missed by those in the audience who appreciate true investigative reporting: Dennis Graves. Dave is very good, but the quality of his work is not unique in the station's history. Of course, that is just my opinion. Now you, girl, keep up your own good work.

Michelle said...

I agree with you anon. 8:42-- Dennis Graves was great! He is at an entirely different level. You're talking about decades of experience, great wits and journalistic integrity. He sat across from me, too... I learned a lot in the short time I worked with him. I feel like I was fortunate enough to work with the last batch of that era... Cristina King, Jerry Jabob, Laurie Patton, John Shields, Dennis Graves, Tony Beason... a lot of changes at KY3 through the years! Many good journalists!