Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I killed a bunny

This is what I got when I googled "bunny roadkill"--
and this is actually what it looked like.

So, I left work... on my scooter...

I saw a little tiny thing scoot across the road near St. Louis and Weller. If I had to guess, it looked like the size of a tennis ball. I thought, "Hey, that looks like a little, baby rabbit!"

Next, I see a fairly larger rabbit.


I practically flip over my handlebars. I decide to keep going, but then about a block later, I decide... I have to turn back. What happened? Did I really just hit what I thought I hit? Perhaps the bigger bunny escaped with just a banged up leg.

I turn around.

I see something in the road. Perhaps it's trash.


It's my bunny. And it's twitching. It's little eyes are wide open. It won't blink. It just lays there and twitches. I think... "Maybe, I should pick it up and put it out of its misery." But with what? My scooter?!

I drove home at a snail's pace. I tell Jim, and he proceeds to tell me that it's the bunny's fault for running out into the road. I respond with a, "So, the bunny should just die because it ran out in front of me? This is serious!" He says he's glad I didn't swerve and wreck. Point taken, but I'm still grieving...

I don't think I can stand to see the bunny there on my way to work tomorrow, and I'm not even sure I can drive the scooter for a while. I was just telling my co-workers that I can drive the scooter really well! And an hour afterwards, I'm a bunny-killer.

I have hit things before (chickens, birds, a cat, one dog, and one deer...) but that was in an automobile. I mean, OMG, I killed something with my scooter!!!!!! Do you know what that feels like? The bump alone is too intense. I'm surprised I didn't propel off my scooter.

This is a major tragedy. I think I killed a mama bunny.


harold D said...

Michelle... don't beat yourself up about it. It was an accident. That's all. It's not like you were aiming to run it down. The life of a wild rabbit is full of danger, and your encounter was just a roll of the dice. It could have just as easily been a hawk or a neighborhood cat that got that bunny. Rest easy... and don't let this keep you off of your scooter. That would be a shame.

Red said...

There is a morbid bright side to this... AT least it won't eat your garden! RIGHT?

You shouldn't have turned around. Now what you need to do is focus on the good things, like getting your baby kitty's good homes! RIGHT?

Who is Jim?

Michelle said...

OH, Jim is THE hubby!

You're right. I shouldn't have turned around, but I was so curious. It was awful!!

The only time I remember "making" roadkill and actually smiled, was when I hit a bunch of chickens crossing the road.

I came up over a hill and there they were. I couldn't stop. A ton of feathers flew up in the air and we couldn't see for a few seconds. It was crazy.

harold D said...

... grilled chicken.

Marukatsu said...

I am sorry for the bunny and you.
I understand your feeling.
Take care.

Stacy S. said...

I love that this event weighed on your heart heavy enough to write about it! I ran over a sweet little chipmunk with my SUBURBAN the other day and I saw it convulsing in my rearview mirror...so, I had to turn around. I could not bear the thought of it laying there suffering. Luckily, it had already "crossed on over". I have no idea what I would have done if it were still alive. It would have made me throw up to run over it again...there is no thump sound when you hit a chipmunk in a suburban you know...but, I would have most certainly thrown up had I even thought I heard a crunch. I am so glad I did not have to cross that bridge! I am sure that "bump" sound is haunting! You are not a bunny killer...don't label yourself as such. Accidents do happen.

The Ferber Family said...

i hit a dog on my way downtown once. worst. feeling. ever. i must have bawled for a half hour straight. it still makes me want to cry just thinking about it :o( i'm sorry that happened and it totally sucks, but it's not your fault! ((HUGS))

Katie Pollock said...

Oh Michelle, I feel your pain. I ran over a bunny on the highway on EASTER. I was driving back from St. Louis after a family party, and I killed the Easter Bunny.

Michelle said...

@Katie Pollock: OMG! The Easter Bunny! That's kinda funny...but not.

@The Ferber Family: I can't imagine. I hit a dog once, and it was really traumatic, but I was in the passenger seat...so I can only imagine driving and hitting one. So sorry for you. :(

@Stacy S: Chipmunks are so cute... it makes me think of that commercial where the squirrels play pattycake after a car swerves to miss them. But sad!!

DocLarry said...

Ah, now I know why you asked about "pattycake" at work. Those squirrels are actually doing high and low fives and fist bumps. Had I known to what you were referring I would have clarified it then.

And B, you encountered a wild animal with a relatively short life span. The whole "circle of life" thing. As harold D said, if not you, something else would have got that rabbit. It's sweet that you worried about the bunny, but do NOT beat yourself up for fate.

And 3, where's my package!?

Kathee Baird said...

One dead bunny equals one unharmed you....well at least physically.

I hit a deer and had to watch it die---tragic!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, hope you are feeling better now that a few days have passed. I love you!