Monday, February 26, 2007


I suppose I'm going to have to put flyers all around town, but I am looking for adult adoptees who are interested in forming a discussion the end, I'm hoping that these adoptees would be willing to meet with younger adoptees in a buddy-type program.

Know anyone? Send them my way, please!

It won't be that time consuming, and I think it's exactly what the Ozarks needs.
Please spread the word!!


Colin said...

Just came across your blog. I’m 25 and came over when I was 5, my Korean parents died when I was young and I came to an American family. I am looking for the orphanage I was adopted from and try to trace my way back to my birth place, but its hard. That’s a great idea about older adoptees helping younger ones, it can be very difficult I know ( I grew up in Longview Tx with no other Asians).

Cindy said...

Hi Michelle,
My name is Cindy and I came across your
site. I was also told your name by Tony at the East
and East market a long time ago.
I was born in Soul Korea and came to Springfield at 9
months old. Adopted by a family with already 3 boys.
I am not sure I would want to mentor, however if you
are ever available to chat, I would very much like