Sunday, March 04, 2007

My New Buddies

Bailey, Mikaela, Michelle, Sarah, Lydia

Last night, I hung out with four wonderful girls, all of whom were adopted from China. I hope that this small meeting will flourish into a buddy or mentor program between international adoptees.

The girls were great. They really didn't want to talk about adoption--they just wanted to hang out. I watched them do cartwheels, play speed stacks (which is fascinating by the way), and talk about what's cool in middle school. I had a blast!

Thanks to Jessica Gerard for hosting. She is an amazing resource for adoptive families in the Ozarks...and she's originally from New Zealand!

If you know anyone who needs a buddy, or who would like to be one, please leave me a message with your contact info!


lydia said...



Don't go on my blog cuz i don't post on it I just comment on my school blog which is

Sniderman said...

U r 2 kewl.

Anonymous said...

Hi ya this is Sarah! Email me! Whassup? Bye I don't have a blog but i hope to get one! lol


Gregory Holman said...

Keep me posted on this :-)

tractorgurl said...

Speed stacking looks like awesome fun! I have neices that do that, they taught them in school.

Anonymous said...