Tuesday, March 27, 2007

40 Under 40

My friend Greg Holman made the Springfield Business Journal's 40 Under 40 List! And this is a good time to say that so did I. I must add that I really didn't think I'd get it, but I am extremely honored. And since this is my blog, I feel like I can talk about myself without feeling too guilty.

If you don't know the process, someone nominates you. Then the SBJ contacts you and asks you a bunch of questions, like "why should you be on the 40 Under 40 list"? I said that I didn't know if I should be on the list, but I'd definitely try.

Anyway, I think I made the list because I talked a lot about international adoption. It really is so important to me. I love meeting families, I love talking about adoption issues, and I love being apart of a growing community in Springfield. I hope that if anything comes out of being on the list, it's awareness. I may work in the media, but I am a 'media floozy' when it comes to talking about adoption, especially international adoption!


Sniderman said...

In the words of a fairly decent KY3 reporter...


You go. Who are the other 39 runner-ups? ;)

Amy said...

Congrats Michelle!

Gregory Holman said...

Congrats, yo.

Anonymous said...

Way to go miss thang!!