Thursday, February 01, 2007

GO read about Sex in Springfield

I wrote a short article about Asian Fetish in GO Magazine's sex issue...

First, from a serious standpoint,
I think all Asian women have encountered someone who appears to dig all-things Asian.
Adoptive parents--get ready.
It really is an issue among Asian women, and it's one that I've heard adult adoptees speak about countlessly--whether on the streets or in a discussion group.

Secondly, my boyfriend hates this.
FYI, he does not have a thing for all-things Asian.
On a more fun note, the story is meant to be light-hearted.
After all, I do own a t-shirt that reads, "everyone loves an Asian girl".
Hey, sometimes we have to let our hair down and not take things so seriously!

Now...onto the story-->>>

Yellow Fever

What is it about Asian women that drives people crazy?
BY Michelle Sherwood

Even the Queen City’s queen of kink had a modest start to the world of fetishes. Before Mistress Onika could be seen spanking half-naked women at Springfield nightclubs, the local underground celebrity was simply a teenager with a curiosity and a fetish magazine.

Hence, another Asian fetish was born.

Miss Onika’s first Asian-woman-crush was on bondage-beauty Masuimi Max. The half-Korean, half-German fetish model had her own simple beginnings in Arkansas, but her red tattoos and rebel-yell attitude make her one of the most sought-after women in the erotic fashion industry. “There was a photo of her sitting in this chair, bound up with wax dripping off her legs,” Miss Onika remembers of her first glimpse at Skin Two Magazine. “There was something sexy about her eyes. She was very beautiful.”

From that moment, Miss Onika was hooked. Shannon, a 30-something Springfield Asian, finds it flattering. "People seem to be fascinated with the exotic,” she says. “I enjoy calling it yellow fever.”

Exotic and submissive may be the two reasons Miss Onika takes a fancy to Asian women and Asian cultures. She even gets a little turned on when she’s out to dinner. “We’ll go to Fuji’s or something, and there’ll be the cutest waitress who’s very, very quiet and submissive and willing to please us,” she says.

However, some self-proclaimed “vanilla rice” experts believe this is not only unhealthy, but dangerous.“These people are not open to dating women of other races,” says former KY3 weekend anchor Lee Ann Kim. She calls these people Asianphiles. “They objectify Asian women so much as a whole and fantasize about them as the perfect girlfriend—submissive, sexual, exotic, et cetera. It’s scary.”

Miss Onika roleplays with a local fetish troupe called Dangerous Dolls, but even she has yet to hook up with an Asian person. To her, it’s just a fantasy—“But if I found an Asian girl who would be willing to be tied up and spanked, then by all means, I would definitely be down."


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