Monday, February 19, 2007

Ode to Megahn

My roommate, Megahn, left this weekend to take another job at KWCH in Wichita. We like to call it Wichitiddy City, by the way.

I am so sad. I met Megahn at KU, and we had such a blast our senior year. I lost touch with her during our first few years out of school, but we picked up RIGHT where we left off when she took a producing job at KY3. She is a really great friend, truly loyal, and wondeful in every way.

We had entirely different shifts at the station, so we only ran into each other on the way out of the house--she went to work at 11pm, I go to work in the mornings...but at least we'll always have memories of our last night in Springfield. We hit a karaoke bar. Long live the microphone.

Miss you Megahn!


Anonymous said...

Was "Eternal Flame" heard around Springfield?

Michelle said...

Uh, did I sing Eternal Flame?