Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Banished Film Trailer: Harrison

Has anyone heard of this? Seen this? Any feedback?


tractorgurl said...

The super. at the school looks so uncomfortable!!! And talk about making yourself look bad... "it was a black day".... come on!!
I know as recently as the early 1990's a group from Harrion wearing white sheets marched in different towns here in the Ozarks. Harrison seems to be known for that.

Darin said...

It was a "black time." Ummm this wow...this issue seems to be coming up lately. Not just the racial issues but our ability as media to acknowledge race. I have some ideas about this - people should be described in relation to the ice cream they most resemble.....hmmm

Michelle said...

what flavor would i be?

wikiChick said...

I had no idea that documentary existed. I was aware of the lynching in the Springfield square in the early 1900s, but had no clue about the events in Pierce City and Harrison.

When I moved here from St. Louis 16 years ago, the very first weekend I was here the KKK was threatening to have a rally at Sequiota Park (which did not occur). I just remember staring at the tv in utter disbelief and shock as I heard the story.

I want to see this film.

Thanks for the post -

Darin said...

Michelle...that's a dam good question...what flavor would you like to be?

I need to know in case I get a story about you.

Michelle said...

well, maybe banana. or semi-sweet chocolate. ginger.