Saturday, February 10, 2007

Kid-and-pig-friendly Lunar New Year Party!

2007 is the year of the pig!!!!!

There's a great Lunar New Year party happening in Springfield--great for adoptive families or anyone interested in spending a nice afternoon doing something out of the ordinary.

Details are as follows:

Sat. Feb 17th
First and Calvary Presbyterian Church
820 E. Cherry
Buffet Lunch
Crafts, silent auction, ribbon dance, dragon parade, traditional Chinese music, children’s performances

Please rsvp to Sandy Frye 890-0730

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Anonymous said...

The Main Reasons I am running for Mayor are:

1.To get Rail Passenger Service through southwest Missouri. A Train Station close to the downtown area could bring some real retail to the downtown area.

2.The second Industrial Park which the City of Springfield, City Utilities, and the Chamber of Commerce have spent several million dollars on infrastructure sets pretty well empty. By changing the name and concept we can get some REAL GOOD PAYING JOBS AND COMPANIES into Springfield.

3. The Springfield Audit is due out this summer. Any issues you have please email
them to or call their office to speak to Donna Christian, audit manager at 1-800-347-8597 --- Missouri State Auditor's Office. I strongly believe that the City should work in a positive way to reap the most benefits possible from the audit process for the citizens.

4.We need a better plan for the Ice Storm and other possible Disasters.

Other Issues include:

Time for Passenger Rail Service

In 1990 I started an effort to get Passenger Rail Service to southwest Missouri and across the state. During my time at (School) College of the Ozarks they helped some on the effort. After graduation I worked on several attempts to place it on the state ballot. People support the effort all across the state but it is impossible to put an issue on the state ballot unless you have over $100,000 to spend. After 17 years I have 15 boxes of contacts and names of people who want such service. So I am running for Mayor of Springfield and people can find out more about the rail issue by going to

MODOT announced last summer that they want such service to help with traffic relief on I-44. They are also lobbying the legislature at this time for help with funding. Such service is wanted and would benefit the downtowns of St. Louis, Rolla, Lebanon, Springfield, and maybe Branson. People all across the state want it but we have no organized lobbying group for such rail service. It is critical people speak out now. Write letters to your local newspapers call your representatives and yell from the tallest mountain!

Steven Reed
1441 S. Estate Ave.
Springfield, MO

The City should have had the Alice Pittman School and any others that were up and running the whole time---open to SENIORS. Why was the Mayor talking every day at the Emergency Management News Conferences about tree limbs being removed---while people were still in the cold and out of food. On the average of a $1,000 loss by each family times the 150,000 people in Springfield comes to 150 Million lost by the people and still all we are worried about is paying FEMA 22 Million to haul off a few limbs!
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