Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Extreme Makeover is Coming!

I think this is going to be so cool. The family is within 30 miles of Springfield... who is it? Keep it a secret, otherwise ABC could back out!

1) Thousands of volunteers are needed to do anything from construction to pass out water.

2) The producers say between 10 and 15,000 people will attend the "big reveal"... where do those folks come from?

3) There will be a spectator area. Tailgate, anyone? JK.

4) The local folks need to raise $70,000 to help the family with their mortgage-- go online (click here) for details.

5) A little tidbit: The show's producers told the builder that they were impressed with generosity in the Ozarks. When the builder and the producers met for the first time, the builder already had 70% of the house donated. Sam Clifton from Millstone Custom Homes says the number is closer to 90 or 95% currently.


Red said...

Oh neat! Have fun with that and keep us posted as to what you can or can't say!

park hyun jeong said...

you look pretty!