Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mark "Maverick" Sager on KSPR

I had to confront a convicted killer this week. It was a little intense for my liking, but it was inevitable (since we were at the same place at the same time.)

Mark "Maverick" Sager was convicted of manslaughter in 1977 for the death of a 14 year-old Missouri girl. The case is an interesting, difficult read. The injuries to the teen were horrifying. Sager's response was also chilling.

Fast forward to 2009: Mark was known around the Indian Point Marina as "Maverick". He told people he was a former ATF agent. Authorities say he carried a gun, a radio, a pager, a phone, and handcuffs on his belt. He even outfitted an old car with lights, sirens, and a radio. He assisted law enforcement with cases as well.

That is, until deputies became suspicious. After running a background check on him, they arrested him for impersonating an officer. That was this week.

At the time I encountered "Maverick", I was not aware of the extent of his past conviction. Had I been informed, I may have asked some harder questions. Or perhaps, I would've walked the other direction, out of fear. I was concerned that maybe I had taken it too far by waiting for him and following him out to his car.

I don't want to think about it anymore. I just hope he doesn't watch the news. Or read the internet. Or visit Springfield.


Gregory Holman said...

All I can say is great job! You handled yourself professionally while reporting something that in my mind directly relates to the citizens' right to know.

Frank and Natalie said...

You did a wonderful job, Michelle. I know that isn't your ideal confrontation... I'm so proud of you!

Stacy S. said...

As the mother of small children I think your story was so important. Great job, Michelle. The hard stories sometimes are the most important...this is what makes you so very good at what you do. Thank you for having the courage.

Anonymous said...

Mark was wrongfully convicted in the murder case. I sat through the entire trial and it was one of the most egregious miscarriages of justice imaginable. Might explain why he's having some problems now. There are always two sides to everything.

rdbrown27 said...

Michelle -

I really don't know why I feel compelled to comment on this, but I do.

My grandfather and my father were defense counsel during Mr. Sager's murder trial. My grandfather, I am sure, defended many guilty people, but he always maintained Mark was innocent, and I believe it hurt him deeply that he was unable to prove so in court.

I believe Mark was innocent also. I have studied the case intensely and read everything I could including all the old files and transcripts.

It does happen that the innocent are targeted by the police and convicted by juries. The jury in this case felt that someone had to pay for the horrendous crime, but they were so unconvinced of Mark's guilt that they "compromised" by handing down a Manslaughter conviction. I don't need to tell you that no one in their right mind would call what happened to Julie manslaughter.

The reason Mark was targetted by police in the first place is because he did have some emotional issues. Back in 1977 there was a lot of stigma to this, but obviously teenage depression does not make someone capable of murder.

I guess I just ask you and anyone else to put yourself into Mark's shoes. He was convicted of murder at age 17, a crime he did not commit. Who could live a normal life after that? I am certain Mark would not harm a fly... whatever strange actions he may have taken in recent weeks.

Anonymous said...

Mark Sager murdered Julie Wittmeyer in cold blood and was extremely lucky that the jury had mercy on him.

Anyone can fine the full appellate opinion online at Read it for yourselves and see how "wrongfully" convicted he was.

The man is a cold blooded killer that cut and stabbed an innocent girl to death when he was a teenager.

Just another sadistic, premeditated crime performed by a life long criminal.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Platte county at trhe time...was best friends with the prosecuting attorney's son...Sager did this and I saw the photos as we went into his father's home office and looked at the summer day...long walk...a huge animal carve up...Sager should have been put to death...his own mother if I remember right helped him cover the body...a movie might have been made as to how bad this case was handeled...I used to go hunting in the woods with the prosecuter' son and we saw Marc walking alone near the old stuckey farm if anyone remembers that area...with 22's a shot was taken at his head...too bad we missid...and here he is like a nightmare three decades later...impersonating cops! are you kidding me? Mark is and was a killer...period and a that is it...I knew Julie then...he is a fucking killer...