Tuesday, June 16, 2009

KSPR Earns Recognition in 2009

A big thanks to The Turner Report for commenting on KSPR's continual progression.

I know, I know... here I am talking about work on my personal blog... but often, work is pretty personal to me.

I can't say it enough. KSPR continues to be a great experience. It's challenging and very rewarding. I've been fortunate to have an endless amount of opportunities there, and I think we're making good on our promises to viewers.

Jim (my husband, who is the chief photographer at KY3 and KSPR) tells me he likes the "vibe" we have over at KSPR... and I would agree. Even my former KU professors said they liked the feel of the newsroom because there wasn't any "fake anxiety"... not sure what that means, but when my former professors tell me I have a good thing going, I believe it. They hear complaints from former grads practically every day...and they've taught there for several years!

Anyway, long story short: KSPR has been very fortunate the last two weeks to receive recognition from the Missouri Broadcasters Association and the Kansas City Press Club.

KSPR received four MBA awards and four awards from the KC Press Club/Society of Professional Journalists. The neat thing about SPJ is that KSPR competed against stations in Kansas City and Wichita. And of course, everyone in Missouri sent in material for the MBAs.

Yay, go team!

I'm really proud of our station, like a proud mama bear... I don't want to jinx KSPR, but I am just happy to see hard work pay off. We are on a long journey, but this is a nice pit stop!

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Kathee Baird said...

Meesh, you all do a wonderful job over there.

Girlfriend, you've been rockin' the news the last few weeks. You've been seamlessly transitioning from one story to another.

Give yourself a pat on the back too!