Monday, June 01, 2009

Tracy's getting married!! And odd lessons learned.

I just had the most awesome weekend ever with a bunch of college friends...and new ones, too!

My friend Tracy is getting married in three weeks, so a bunch of us celebrated in Monkey Island, Oklahoma. We went out on a boat (where everything's better), shadow danced, and sang karaoke with a couple of cowboys.

Her family friends were incredible. They always kept us entertained and well fed! And Tracy's mom is adorable. Very sweet!

Anyway, we learned a lot of things this weekend that are worth sharing:

1. Never leave your keys on the back of the toilet.
2. Your keys, as heavy as they are, will flush down the toilet.
3. It's a good idea to keep a spare set of keys in your car in case you do flush your keys down a toilet at a gas station.
4. RSVP literally means: répondez s'il vous plaît
5. "If You Seek Amy" by Britney Spears is code for: F-U-C-# ME! Woh!
6. Bedazzled jeans are still not in fashion.
7. Never let your friends allow you to sleep at a bar. (Poor random guy)

8. Pear Absolut and club soda don't exactly taste good together.
9. Obey the speed limit. (My warning ticket was a nice souvenir, though.)
10. Good friends need to hang out more often.


Desdinova said...

That is why I like that song. I think it is Britney's best ever, but opinions like this make me the Super Villain of the Ozarks!!! Mwu-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Busplunge said...

No sharpy moustache?

Jason said...

Nice pic. :)