Monday, June 22, 2009

Tracy's Beautiful Wedding...and My Musical Debut

A dear college friend got married this weekend. My friend Tracy married Matt... and now they are on their way to Maui--the same place we honeymooned!

It was a beautiful wedding in downtown Oklahoma City. The Cathedral was gorgeous, but more importantly, the bride was stunning! I was a complete wreck because I was so nervous. Tracy asked me to sing (she asked last year at my reception, I think...) Although I was glad to do it, I was afraid I would mess it up and ruin her wedding. I learned the Latin about three weeks out, and it was fine... but I had to sing it in a lower key so that my voice wouldn't crack.

I am happy to report that all went well with the singing... and I hope I can do it again! All I need is a little liquid courage, and I can do it. I'm not proud of that fact, but hey, it beats coming in dead last at your first high school track meet. (Long story.)

It makes me want to cry thinking about my college friends because I don't get to see them enough. And as soon as a big event like this is over, we all go back to our normal lives. Often, we lose touch until it's time for another big event. Eventually, though, I'm afraid we'll run out of big events... isn't that what happens when you get old, buy a house, have kids, work a lot? I hope not. The plan is to do something in celebration of all of our birthdays this year, since most of us will be turning the big 3-0.

Anyway, this wedding was the end of our summer-wedding-marathon...and it was a great way to end it!

For anyone who knows us, this was a tribute to Tracy-- the glow stick dance. Rush 1999, perhaps?

The song was Red Alert by Basement Jaxx. "The way you shake, shake, shake!"


Merritt McShane said...

Is Tracy Trisha's sister? Small world, Trisha's son Coleman and Libby are in the same class!

Michelle said...

Yes, you're right! How cool!