Wednesday, July 08, 2009


My sister Hyun Jeong and her fiance, Glenn, are getting married!!  

The special date is October 24th in Korea.

I am so, so happy!!  October is my favorite month because I love the fall.  My birthday falls in October, too, so I have all of these great childhood memories from October.

I used to tell people, "My birthday falls on the scariest day of the scariest month of the year."

Any guesses?

October 13th.

My birthday fell on a Friday on my 16th and 21st birthday.  How cool was that?!  Too bad I wrecked my car five days after my 16th birthday.  I mean totaled.  My dad was so disappointed.

Anyway, I got off track.

OCTOBER 24TH!!  My sister's big, fat Korean wedding!!  Can't wait!!  I really hope we can swing the trip and that nothing crazy will happen between now and then.


KickinFamily said...

Old post, I know, but I had to laugh. My wife and I got married on October 13th, so I joke that every few years we don't celebrate, when it falls on Friday. Saves money :)

Michelle said...

OH, that's great!! I love it.