Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Other Job(s)

Well, I think I've lost my mind, but I am now in the midst of trying to find "extra" work so I can make "extra" money.

We are going to Korea in the fall, and that means I need to save about $3000 in about 12 weeks. I have some money already saved, but you know, it's just never easy to save what- you- need, when you need it!

So, my first extra job: Dog sitting.

I start Friday.

The funny thing is that I posted an ad on Craigslist. It said something like, "Young professional, looking for extra money, not weird, just need cash fast for an out-of-country wedding..." At least, that was the gist.

When I showed up at the woman's house, she already knew it was me. We have mutual friends, and I think we may have even met before. What a small world! Her dogs are really sweet, too, so I'm thankful for that.

I look at this like a fun experiment. We'll see what happens!! OH, and if you have someone who needs a dog sitter, email me!

P.S. I still hate this economy. I'm not buying any more suits until 2010.


Marukatsu said...

You will go Busan(Pusan)?
Oh,I like Busan.
I used to visit there and always stayed The Westin Chosun, Busan those days.
I want to visit Busan more!
I will get a money,too!

Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

We were just in Korea last October. My husband is half Korean and after our wedding here in Springfield we went to Seoul and had a traditional Korean one with his mom present and her family. You will have a blast!! I wasn't able to research the trip much as I was planning a wedding here (we left the day after) and a lot of the time there was spent with wedding festivities. Even though you have family there, go to the visitors center. It is awesome and will give you an overview of any activity you could imagine. You won't want to come back. We are counting down the days when we can go back!

Michelle said...

P.S... took out the dogs tonight for the first night! Just texted the dog owners... Am a professional :)