Tuesday, January 06, 2009

PASTICHE is closing

I first fell in love with Pastiche when I had to buy a purse for a fundraising event. It wasn't for me to use... it was going to be sold in a silent auction.

I thought, "Oh, no! What kind of purse can I get that will show a lot of personality but won't cost a fortune?" I thought I was in trouble... I pictured everyone donating really expensive Louis Vuitton bags or something, and then there'd be my crapola-one.

Oh, the horror.

Well, I thought... why not support our local stores? I had never been to Pastiche before... and I was so pleasantly surprised when I went inside. I ended up buying a little handbag that had been remade from a rice flour bag. It was so original, and I think women living in Cambodia made it (fair trade, of course.)

The best part was that it only cost about $20, and it was something truly unique! The woman at Pastiche even bagged up the purse so beautifully... I wanted to keep it. Anyway, I don't know how the auction turned out, but I was pretty proud of my little handbag...

Now, I'm sad to say Pastiche is closing.

My friend, Shannon, told me about it during Art Walk. She bought a candle there for $1, and it was so cute! So, I went in there yesterday and bought some furniture. I was sad to be buying it from them, but truthfully, I was also pretty excited about the deals. I wish I would've gone in there more and bought stuff so they wouldn't be closing. Depressing...

Pastiche will close its doors in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, you can find everything for 50% off or more. The store is at the corner of Jefferson and Walnut.

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Anonymous said...

Michelle, Thanks so much for writing such nice things about Pastiche! I'm so glad you got some great stuff at unbelievable prices! This coming Friday (the 23rd), will be our last day, and we will be closing at 5pm. Between 4 and 5pm we will have a funeral of sorts (nah, that sounds too sad), really a party, with champagne, and other goodies. It's my way of thanking the people of Springfield for supporting my dream, and allowing me to be a part of the downtown culture. It's been a wonderful experience.
-Carla Stine