Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm getting a new sissy!

Now that everyone (who needs to know) knows,
I can share some good news.

My brother-in-law is getting married!

The Van Dillen men. Good lookin' bunch, right? (Susanne Priedohl)

He and his girlfriend, Tiffany, got engaged on Christmas Eve. At last check, they're planning a Spring 2010 wedding. I can't wait!

One of my fave reception pics (Jeffrey Sweet)

Boy, they are going to have some really tall, athletic kids. Both played college sports, and both are super cute, fun, smart, and amazing.

Congrats to them!

Now, the question is...
will Jim's sister, Erika, be the 2011 wedding?
If we keep looking as hot as we did on my bachelorette party,
I don't see why not.

Sassy! Erika, Me and Tiffany

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Marina said...

Congratulations to them. We saw them at your reception, and thought they were so beautiful together. Now it's official, huh? I am gonna have to tell Alan.