Monday, January 19, 2009

Check out Lillyella!

A lot of people already know about, but I was trolling the internet a while back, and came across lillyella, thanks to fellow blogger, Mitch and Winnie!

Anyway, lillyella is where you can find delicate, earthy, feminine, and beautiful handmade jewelry...and it's all very affordable!

I just made my first purchase and received my necklace and earrings in the mail on Saturday...

Look at how beautiful the necklace is! I love the drop down earrings. I thought both might "pop" on air without being overly-poppy. But, you know what I really liked? The thank you note from the person behind lillyella--Nicole!

Anyway, the necklace and earrings made their debut Sunday night. It's funny how the green in my shirt made the necklace seem more green. I just think it turned out swell. I will be ordering from her again!

Check her out! Nicole is from Ohio, and she has so many more items for sale. If you decide to order anything, let me know!


lillyella, uniquely you said...

WOW! Lillyella in the news! hahaha
you look amazing - those pieces are perfect for you! A nice size - noticeable, but not too flashy. And you are right, the beauty of those pearls if that they kind of change color a bit with what you are wearing, kind of like eyes, and the reflections in the silver do the same.
Thank you so much for this awesome shout out and I am honored to decorate you on TV!

Marina said...

It's so pretty! I love that this was handmade by a real person with real artistic intent.

Michelle (Mitch) said...