Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Minnie

We got a new puppy... and she's a rottweiler. Before you go, "Oh no, those are bad dogs!" Just wait a second.

She's super sweet, calm, good with people... (even though she did growl at Joe Daues...) and I love her. She was so scared her first night... I tried to comfort her in her kennel-- good thing I have short legs!

As many people know, Jim had a rottweiler, Jasmine, for 12 years. She was such a good girl. She broke a lot of people from their fear of rottweilers, and I just know Miss Minnie will, too.

She's going to be a big girl!

Funny things about her: she is always at your feet. She doesn't even go on a leash right now because she is always nearby. Of course, we won't take her out in public without one-- that's just around our yard. I took her to work last night because of the ice, and she just stayed under my desk the whole time and followed me to the make up room. She was a good girl until I left her alone... then she started whining.

She is so clumsy. She doesn't walk very well on our wood floors.

She loves water. She won't stop drinking it.

She howls. It's pretty funny until it's 3 a.m.

We got her on Saturday, so this is just day four. She's really come out of her shell, and I can't wait to share more Minnie stories! OH, the name came from Jasmine. We used to call Jasmine, "Jazz-minny"... so we thought our next one would have to be named Minnie.

One more note-- this is the worst time to get a dog. Seriously, snow is not good for potty training.


Rottlady of the Ozarks said...

Oh she's just adorable! I raised Rottweilers for 20 years and know how sweet they can be.

Aaron said...

It had been dry for months, and the week I got my puppy, it rained for five days straight.

They grow up fast. Enjoy!

Complaint Department Manager said...

What makes a bad dog is a bad owner. I've seen pit bulls with a disposition of a lamb.

You may want to try some more time with her in the cage(by herself this time) and leave her in the house by herself for a few hours. (The whining) It's separation anxiety and yes, it's fuuny 'til it keeps going.

Cute dog. Vive' le canine!

Anonymous said...

She's awfully cute though!!!

Kathee Baird said...

She is precious. Don't put her in bed with will suck when she really gets big!

My dog LOVES the snow!

Tammy said...

I growl at Joe Daues too. Can't blame her for that!

Michelle said...

I was around a rottweiler once. This after everyone told me to be scared. This sweet girl walked up to me and gave me the biggest doggie kiss. CDM is right. The owner makes a dog mean not the dog. Last year I found a pit bull starving. I stopped my car got out and went right over and picked that dog up and put her in the car! She gave me a big kiss too!

Laurie said...

Meesh...I just blogged on to see your dog since you seriously referred your really good friend to your blog to find out about your new puppy.
I'm sorry Jim is making you sleep in that cage, but, I'm even more sorry that you have to put up with idiots here in the Ozarks who have failed to ever get on a plane or travel at all and don't know oriental died out sometime in the 50's.
It is nice that they can understand you though, since you grew near Kansas City.

Puppy in pink sweater= :)

Maybe if we put the idiots in pink sweaters and locked them in a cage they'd at least be cute idiots OR we'd at least know where they are.

Either way Minnie ROX!