Sunday, January 18, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire: You have to see it!

I work in news, yet I live in a cave. I had no idea about the great reviews Slumdog Millionaire was getting... or the awards... or even that it was out!

I would blame it on having the perpetual cold and flu, but in reality, I'm pretty bad at keeping up with what's going on in the entertainment world.

Nonetheless, you have to go see the movie. It's playing at The Moxie (indefinitely)... last night, they said the movie couldn't have come to the theater at a better time-- I guess that's the nice way to say "the economy sucks."

The movie is about a slumdog (street kid) in India, who gets his chance to be on India's version of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire"-- he gets so close to winning the game, but game officials think he cheated because... how can a slumdog know all of those answers? You go back through his life to see how he knows what he knows.

1. The soundtrack is freaking awesome. MIA is on it-- and she worked with "India's Timbaland" for the music. SWEEEET.
2. It won 4 Golden Globes, including Best Drama
3. It's directed by Danny Boyle (also did Trainspotting)

ANYWAY, all of the shows were sold out. If you go, get your ticket early.

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Marina said...

I know it! I think I screamed a little when it got to the part about the little boy singer! For some reason, even though it wasn't the main character, it sticks with me more than any other part.