Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I always like to sum up my year in a blog post. Why not? (Here's 2006 and 2007 in a nutshell...)

By far, this has been the best year of my life. And thank God, because the last couple have been pretty crappy. I can't even remember why they were crappy... I mean, I didn't have anything majorly bad happen, but I recall being in, oh, let's say... a 4-year-funk or something.

Anyway, there are given things that go unmentioned on 2008's list, though they're very important (ie: health, family's health, having a job, etc.) Nonetheless, here goes:

10. This was probably one of the most significant things that happened in 2008, but it was also one of the worst. That's why I'm putting it on the bottom: saying goodbye to Jasmine. She was the best girlfriend... and dog. Ask anyone, and they'll say how smart and quirky she was. You could put a treat on her nose, and she would just sit there and shake her butt from excitement until you said, "okay"... then she would throw the food up in the air and catch it. She was a big rottie, but she was also a big baby... and I never met anyone who didn't love her.

9. Discovering Facebook. Sounds kind of lame to have on my list, but I didn't really want a FB page. Now, I'm on it everyday and catching up with old friends. LP was right: FB is not that bad. It's low on the list, but still important.

8. Being recognized locally... and Jim on the Daily Show. Thanks to GO Magazine and Q102 this year... they made me feel so special.
And then, there's Jim was on the freaking Daily Show... he called this work!

7. Getting in shape. I may have griped a lot in my bootcamps, but whatever. I can actually do push-ups, I ran my first 5k this year, and I know I can be more active if I want. Which reminds me...Kate, I miss you!

6. Working at the Park Central Library. I never thought I'd have a second job on top of my full-time job, but you know what? I really enjoy it.

The people in the library district are wonderful, creative, and intelligent. And, it's really given me a new perspective on the community the district serves. I am proud to be involved with it.

5. Working at KSPR. At first, it was a truly difficult adjustment... not because of the job itself, but it was hard to leave something old for something new. And honestly, I was surprised and heartbroken to learn that some people were not very supportive of my decision to be a part of a new opportunity. This year has been much better, and I'm the happiest I've been since moving to the Ozarks in 2003. Plus, have you heard? We were #1 on election night...and our ratings are steadily increasing to help make us the fastest-growing station in the area. Not very many people get the chance to be a part of so much exciting growth.

4. Buying a house. My friend Joanna (who also bought a house in 08) says she gets it, now. She understands why buying a house is so cool, yet frustrating...why you put your heart and soul into it...and now, I get it, too. We love our house, we love our neighborhood, we love our stranger-kitties, and we love being able to walk or ride bikes with ease from our house to downtown Springfield to Tea Bar and Bites and Zen 3. Who wouldn't?

3. Being more in touch with my birth family. I am so relieved, excited, and balanced now that I am in near-everyday contact with my sister Hyun Jeong through Twitter and Blogger. I can't wait for her to marry Glenn (a white guy from the upper Midwest!) That means she helps balance out the Park Family-- two girls married Korean guys... two girls will marry, um, whities. My kids will have something in common with her kids, and our future as a family just became more real. I really like Glenn; he seems creative, smart...and cute! I just know those two will have a lot of great adventures ahead.

2. Going along with #3--my nephew was born this year! Won Hoo (Hae Ssal is his nickname, which means sunbeams.) He is the cutest little baby I've ever seen. Honestly. Let's be real. He's the first grandchild on the Park side. He belongs to my sister Yeoun Jung and her hubby!

1. Getting married. I know everyone says their significant other is the best--but they're lying! I love you, Jim! I am so excited about our future! The wedding was pretty kick-ass, but the marriage is so much better!


Jason said...

Sounds like a great 2008. I hope 2009 is better!

harold D said...

That's pretty cool Michelle... Hope 2009 is just as good for you! The sun keeps on shining. I've got high hopes for the year to come.

M. said...

I love your list. It makes me happy to read it, although I don't think I could come up with 10 things. Now, though, I will have to try, just because it seems like big fun.

Anonymous said...

Love the list and props to #7 and #1! I miss you, too. Seriously, dinner...drinks...a run with lots of walking involved...let's do it!

lillyella, uniquely you said...

awww what a great year in review! Congrats on all your success and best wishes for a prosperous new year ahead!
~ lillyella

Anonymous said...

Michelle, My name is Kathy I am Glenn's Mom, I would love to get to know you and your family. Please feel free to ask Glenn for my e-mail address. I enjoyed reading your blog. hope to hear from you soon. Kathy