Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy New Year!!

I hope you all have a safe and happy new year...and I hope that 2007 is the best year yet!

My top 10 things of 2006...aside from the givens: friends, family, health

10) The Green Machine (newly discovered today)
9) Grey's Anatomy dinner night with girly friends, my boyfriend and sometimes Greg
8) Soo's Korean Restaurant, the kalbitang is my favorite
7) Guitar Hero II (I totally kick ass...on medium)
6) YouTube
5) Blogger
4) my new laptop
3) Being in GO magazine this year, and then going to the GO party where my boyfriend stole my thunder
2) Going surfing in Hawaii and not falling off the board
1) A new found sense of peace, don't know why it's happening...


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Great site!

tractorgurl said...

Where did you vacation in Hawaii?
My husband and I went to Maui, near Lahaina. We are still talking about that trip! It was beautiful.

Aaron said...

Soo's is definitely awesome. I like the udon soup and California roll (I don't branch out much, obviously.), but my wife says the best dish is the dolsot bibimbap. We also love the little square pancakes and the kimchi.

Happy new year!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
9) Grey's Anatomy dinner night with girly friends, **my boyfriend** and sometimes Greg.

Jim participates in Grey's Anatomy night, buhahahahahahah, oh man the poor bastard is going to suffer for this =D. He prolly has himself every single Tigerbeat featuring McDreamy too, lol.

11:13 AM

Michelle said...

Anon. Sorry, but I had to edit your post. :D