Monday, December 04, 2006

Ozarks man acts as Santa's helper

This is the story of a man named Dave Bowmaster. With the help of organizations like the Salvation Army and Crosslines, he makes dozens (this year about 220) of wooden toys and sends them to less fortunate kids across the world. You could say it's his holiday tradition--he's been doing it since 1994. Since then, a lot of people have volunteered to help paint the toys, but he's starting to think he needs to recruit a "younger" person to do the woodworking. Know any 30-somethings who may want to help out? Up close, the wooden toys are pretty cool. They're durable and timeless...I really felt like I was in Santa's workshop. Dave works at Anpac in Springfield, so if you would like to help him, look him up!

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