Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Jerry Jacob and Tim Tialdo are moving on from KY3

Now ready for public consumption---

Jerry says the palm up means "surrender"

What is he trying to say?

After 12 years, Jerry Jacob is leaving KY3.
He's joining the Army in hopes of becoming a field medic.
Our news director made the announcement this afternoon.
Jerry will say goodbye on January 5th.

If you want to wish him well, you can e-mail him at:


Tim Tialdo, KY3 Weekend Anchor
Tim Tialdo is also well on his way out the door.
He will leave at the end of December to pursue other interests in the market.
He will be the new face of the Ozarks CW!
So he'll still be around, just not like he is now...

To send him well wishes, email him at:

That's half of our men who are on-air!


Sniderman said...

I stumbled by the big bossman's door on the way out of the orifice with the kids & wife in tow... or they were towing me.

And there was an oration of accomplishments of one Jake being read over the phone... and I couldn't figure out why it was sounding like he'd died.

Now I get it.

Granny Geek said...

OK, I give up. What is Ozarks CW?

Michelle said...

The former UPN and the WB make up the CW. Now the most successful shows on each network are on the CW.

Michelle said...

To clarify even more--

In September, Warner Brothers and CBS Corp announced the plans, with each owning 50%--hence, the C stands for CBS, the W stands for Warner. The CW pulled its programming from the most successful shows on the WB and UPN.

"Veronica Mars", Chris Rock's show "Everbody Hates Chris", "Gilmore Girls" are examples of the shows that survived the transition.

cc5 said...

What about David Catanese? Is he staying? He's my Fav (of the men)! By the way, what's his social status?

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