Sunday, December 28, 2008

Stranger-Kitties are Fun Kitties.

We love our new neighborhood, and when we get some time, we'll post some pictures of our new house. We live in the Rountree Neighborhood in Springfield, which is my most favorite neighborhood in the Ozarks.

Why? It's quaint, it's charming, it's old... and it has stranger-kitties who like to be fed.

I guess they're not actually stranger-kitties because we know they belong to our neighbors Ken and Julie... but the entire neighborhood actually helps take care of them. I hope they catch any mice running around our house!

Anyway, we know one is named Charlie (he's the one with the white and gray face.) Another is named Lucky. We forget the rest of their names, so we call one Mama... and then call the others ones "kitty". It seems to work.

And they go nuts over Tuna. I feel like a cat whisperer, but Jim is the one who really loves them the most. He pets them and lets them come in the house... it's weird since he's more of a dog lover!


M. said...

I love your neighborhood too! It is my favorite in Springfield, and the kitties are bonus!

Aaron said...

Agreed about the Rountree area. I would love to live there someday.

We have plenty of cats in our neighborhood that look pretty healthy, but they do their job well. I was working in the backyard one day and I heard this horrible screeching noise beside the house. I couldn't figure out what was causing it, so I walked around to see what was going on. I was surprised to find one of the cats trotting through the yard with a half dead mouse in its mouth. I guess the mouse was crying out from the pain or something, but I was glad to see that. I've lived in this house since 2002 (minus the year we were in St. Louis) and not once have I seen a mouse.

I was always used to the farm cats at my grandma's house that were pretty skinny. She fed them enough food to keep them around, but kept them just hungry enough to hunt for food. But I always remember she'd throw out scraps from breakfast, so the cats would always inevitably have old yellow eggs on their heads from where she threw out the junk left in the frying pan.

Michelle said...

I've been wondering if I'm feeding the cats too much. They seem kind of like lazy cats the way I feed them...

We used to have a farm cat (called Dusty because when my dad first saw her, he went down to pet her, and a big ball of dust appeared.)

Anyway, she would catch mice, and then when they were half-dead or dead, she would bring them to my dad while he was working under the car. One time he almost knocked himself out because he tried to get out from under the car so fast. He's like an elephant-- a 300+ pound guy who's scared of mice. It's really funny.

If I see a cat do that for us, I might pass out. I, too, hate them.