Saturday, August 12, 2006

Show-Me Swingers

A conservative Christian group sent us a heads up about this, wanting us to stop if we could or would do that. That aside, I think it makes interesting blog news: there is a full-on swingers convention going on right here in the Ozarks. right now. at this very second. woh.

Apparently, the group, Show-Me-Friends, is taking over a hotel...the website says it only as room for 400 couples! Only!

The website is

Your hosts are Debi and Larry.

Debi and Larry have rules, though...(The following misspellings or other errors are not my own.)


1) NO MEANS NO. The word no is upon itself a complete sentance and needs absolutely no further explanation.

2) PUBLIC NUDITY: Absolutely no nudity in public areas. Nudity needs to remain in the privacy of your rooms.

3) PUBLIC SEX: Absolutely no public sex. Again this needs to remain in the privacy of your rooms.

4) COUPLES ONLY: This event is for couples only

5) ILLEGAL DRUGS: Our lifestyle is legal,drugs are not. Anyone caught with illegal drugs will be removed.

6) AGE: Because alcohol is present everyone must be at least 21 years of age. Everyone in attendance must also have a valid photo ID

7) SMOKING: Smoking is allowed except in those areas of the resort and resort grounds designated as "non-smoking".

LOCATION: The location is NOT to be given out to anyone

9) FIGHTING: Fighting will not be tolerated. 1st offense is removal from the event

10) RESORT RULES: Please be respectful of the resort rules and their property.

11) CAMERAS: No cameras or recording devices will be allowed at the dances. This includes camera phones. During the day at the pool etc camera's are allowed as long as you have permission of the person you are wishing to take a picture of. DO NOT take pictures of anyone that you don't have permission from. If this becomes a problem we reserve the right to have everyone put their cameras away

12) ALCOHOL: Anyone deemed to be excessively drunk will be asked to go to their room to sleep it off for a first occurence. A second occurance will result in removal from the event.

13) WEAPONS: No weapons of any type are allowed at anytime.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think this is totally weird? Like, huh?

Anonymous said...

Not weird at all.

In fact, you probably know gays, lesbians, swingers, transgender people and those with [gasp] s & m fetishes.

They walk among us.

Maybe you're weird. =0

Anonymous said...

Please don't liken gays and lesbians to swingers and those with fetishes. I just think that's unfair. Being gay doesn't necessarily mean being promiscuous. I don't see how homosexuality relates to this post at all.

John Stone said...

HA ... I suppose we fat, balding, toothless old men are not invited ... single or not.

Even though we do take good photos ... heck, I see a ton of them on the net ...

That's the trouble with the younger generation... they don't think we need anonymous loving as much as the CHATTERismist-guy does ....