Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I recently shelled out a pretty penny for my computer. In fact, it is now worth more than my car...though that's not really saying much.

Still, I cheaped out and refused to buy wireless internet. Why, you ask? Because I live close to downtown. Since the city has so graciously wired the downtown so it can be wireless, I thought refusing to buy internet service in my home would prompt me to get out of my house and get into the community.

And it has. As I write this now, I'm sitting at a table at the Mudhouse. I spent $5.03 on a refreshing Mango Mania Jet Tea and a big cookie. Multiply that by 30 days...and you get $150.90 a month. I wonder if I should have bought the dang service.

Oh well! I suppose it's priceless to be this cool by yourself in a coffee shop with a laptop. Joke.


Duane Keys said...

I enjoy blogging from the free wifi spots in town... Makes me feel so... urban... ;)

Amy said...

Yes. Blogging in the parking lot at Qdoba is not nearly as cool... but it's cheaper.

After a month of free-wifi at Cassil's... we had to get our own internet access. The free stuff was too pricey.